4 Catherine Earnshaw gets to know the Lintons
4 凯瑟琳·欧肖认识了林顿一家

解析:get to know 了解、认识,是动词短语
eg:I got to know her in an accident.

1775 Hindley came home for his father's burial.What was more surprising was that he brought a wife with him.She was called Frances,a thin,pale woman with a frequent cough.Now that Hindley was the master of the house,he ordered Joseph and me to spend our evenings in the small back-kitchen,as we were only servants,while he,his wife and Catherine sat in the main room.Catherine and Heathcliff were treated very differently.Catherine received presents,and could continue her lessons,but Heathcliff was made to work on the farm with the men,and,as a farm worker,was only allowed to eat with us in the back kitchen.They grew up like two wild animals.Hindley did not care what they did,as long as they kept out of his way,and they did not care even if he punished them.They often ran away on to the moors in the morning and stayed out all day,just to make Hindley angry.I was the only one who cared what happened to the two poor creatures,and I was afraid for them.
1775年 亨德雷回家参加他父亲的葬礼。更令人惊奇的是他带回来个妻子。她叫弗朗西丝,是个瘦瘦的白白的女人,咳嗽个不停。这会儿亨德雷成了这宅子的主人,他责令约瑟夫和我晚上呆在后面的小厨房里,因为我们是下人,而他、他妻子和凯瑟琳则坐在正屋里。凯瑟琳和希斯克利夫的境遇大不相同。凯瑟琳收到了礼物,可以继续学习,但希斯克利夫被遣去与男人们一起在农庄干活,一个干农活的,只能被允许和我们在后面厨房里一起吃饭。他们俩像两个小野人似地长大了,亨德雷对他们的所作所为不闻不问,只要他们别碍着他的事;而他们就算被亨德雷惩罚也不吃他那一套。他们常常一大早就跑到荒原上,一整天都呆在外面,就是为了气气亨德雷。只有我才关心这两个可怜的小东西,替他们担惊受怕。

解析:burial 可以作名词表示葬礼、埋葬,也可作形容词表示埋葬的
eg:Claus met his ex-wife in his friend's burial.

One Sunday evening they were missing at bedtime,and Hindley ordered me angrily to lock the front door.But I did not want them to stay out in the cold all night,so I kept my window open to look out for them.In a while I saw Heathcliff walking through the gate.I was shocked to see him alone.

‘Where's Catherine?’I cried sharply.

‘At Thrushcross Grange,with our neighbours the Lintons,’he replied.‘Let me in,Ellen,and I'll explain what happened.’I went down to unlock the door,and we came upstairs very quietly.

‘Don't wake the master up!’I whispered.‘Now tell me!’

‘Well,Catherine and I thought we’d just walk to the Lintons’house.We wanted to see if Isabella and Edgar Linton are punished all the time by their parents,as we are.’

‘Probably not,’I answered.‘I expect they are good children and don't need to be punished.’

Nonsense,Ellen!Guess what we saw when we looked in at their sitting room window?A very pretty room,with soft carpets and white walls.Catherine and I would love to have a room like that!But in the middle of this beautiful room,Isabella and Edgar Linton were screaming and fighting over a little dog!How stupid they are,Ellen!If Catherine wanted something,I would give it to her,and she would do the same for me.I would rather be here at Wuthering Heights with her,even if I'm punished by Joseph and that wicked Hindley,that at Thrushcross Grange with those two fools!’

解析:nonsense 胡说、乱说;荒谬的
sense 有合理,明智的意思,再在sense的前面加上non-,就表示不合理、胡说、荒谬的意思。
eg: “Nonsense!”said the teacher angrily.
would rather 宁愿,宁可,也可在其后加上than,构成would rather……than 表示宁愿……也不……、与其……不如……
eg:I would rather go to a movie than stay here.

‘Not so loud,Heathcliff!But you still haven't told me why Catherine isn't with you?’

‘Well,as we were looking in,we started laughing at them so loudly that they heard us,and sent the dogs after us.We were about to run away,when a great fierce dog caught Catherine's leg in its teeth.I attacked it,and made it let go of her leg,but the Lintons' servants appeared and caught hold of me. They must have thought we were robbers.Catherine was carried unconscious into the house,and they pulled me inside too.All the time I was shouting and swearing at them.

解析:about to do 刚要、即将、正准备做某事
eg:When we were about to leave the office, our teacher came in.

‘“What a wicked pair of thieves!”said old Mr Linton.“The boy must be a gipsy,he's as dark as the devil!”Mrs Linton raised her hands in horror at the sight of me.Catherine opened her eyes,and Edgar looked closely at her.

‘“Mother,”he whispered,“the young lady is Miss Earn-shaw,of Wuthering Heights. I've seen her in church occasionally.And look what our dog has done to her leg!It's bleeding badly!”