16 Cathy becomes a [w]widow
16 凯茜成了寡妇

解析:widow 寡妇
eg: My neighbour is a widow.

1800—1881 On the evening after the burial, Heathcliff came to fetch Cathy.
1880—1881年  葬礼后的当天晚上,希斯克利夫来领凯茜。

解析:fetch 拿来、请来、接来
eg: Will you fetch the children from school?

'Why not let her stay here with me?' I begged.

'I'm looking for someone to rent the Grange from me,' he answered. 'You'll stay on here as housekeeper, Ellen, but Cathy must come to Wuthering Heights. From now on she'll have to work for her food.'

'I shall work,' replied Cathy. 'And I'll look after Linton. He's all I've got to love in the world. I'm just sorry for you, Mr Heathcliff. You have nobody to love you! You are as lonely and miserable as the devil! Nobody will cry for you when you die! I'm glad I'm not you!'

解析:be sorry for 为……难过、对……表示同情
eg: I'm so sorry for your
unfortunate experiences.

'Go and get your clothes, you wicked girl,' he said. 'We'll be leaving in a few minutes.' When she had gone, he walked across the room to look at the picture of Cathy's mother, Catherine, which was hanging on the wall.

解析:hang 悬挂、吊着;上吊,吊死
eg: She took off her overcoat and hanged it on the

'Do you know what I did yesterday, Ellen?' he said, turning quickly away from the picture. 'I went to the churchyard, and asked the man who was digging Edgar's grave to open the lid of Catherine's coffin for me. Her face looked just the same! I could not stop looking at her. When the man closed the lid, I broke open one side of her coffin, the side away from Edgar's grave, and covered it up with earth. And I bribed the man to bury me there when I die, next to her, and to take the side of my coffin away too, so that I shall have her in my arms, not Edgar!'

解析:bribe 贿赂、收买
eg: The judge took a bribe from the defendant.

'You were very wicked, Mr Heathcliff, to disturb the dead!'