14 Secret visits
14 密  访

1800 The months passed, and soon it was autumn. Mr Edgar caught a bad cold, which seemed to get worse and worse. He stayed indoors the whole winter, so Cathy only had me as a companion on her walks. She had become very quiet and sad since her relationship with Linton had ended, and was very worried about her father's illness. One day when we were walking in the Grange garden, I noticed her crying.
1800年 过了几个月,很快就到秋天了。艾加先生得了重感冒,似乎病情日渐严重。他整个冬天都呆在屋里,所以凯茜散步时只有我来陪她。自从她同林顿的关系结束后,她变得很沉默、忧郁,也非常担心父亲的病情。有一天我们在山庄花园散步时我看到她哭了。

解析:catch a cold 感冒
eg: Wear more clothes, or you'll catch a cold.

indoor 室内的、户内的,副词形式是indoors 室内地、户内地
反义词是outdoor 户外的、室外的
eg: It is rain ouside so we have to have our PE indoor.

'Cathy, what's the matter, love?' I asked.

'Oh, Ellen,' she sobbed, 'what shall I do if Father dies? And if you die? I'll be left alone!'

'I hope he and I have years more of life ahead of us. All you need do is look after your father, and let him see you're cheerful. But I think he would be really ill if he thought you loved Linton, whose father would like to see Mr Edgar dead.'

解析:ahead 前面的、前方的、向前的
eg: He is ahead of his classmates in English.

'I'll never, never do anything to worry or annoy Father, 'she promised. 'I only want him to recover. I love him more than anyone else in the world, more than myself!'

解析:recover 复原、恢复,作动词
名词形式是recovery 恢复、复原、痊愈
eg: She recovered consciousness after about twenty minutes.

Just then we reached the gate, and I saw a gentleman on a horse looking over it. It was Heathcliff.

'Miss Linton!' he called. There's something I must tell you!'

'I won't listen, answered Cathy. 'Father and Ellen both say you're a wicked man.'

'But this is about my son Linton, not me. What a trick you played on him! You wrote him all those love letters, and then I suppose you got tired of it, and stopped! well, you've broken poor Linton's heart. I swear,he's dying of love for you, and he'll be in the grave by next summer unless you help him! Be generous, come and visit him. I'll be away all next week, so your father won't be angry if you come.'

解析:get tired of 厌烦、厌倦
eg: I would never get tired of reading.