‘Catherine Linton,’it replied.‘I've come home.I lost my  way!’There seemed to be a child's face looking in at the  window.

Terror made me cruel. I rubbed the creature's tiny wrist  against the broken glass so that blood poured down on to the  bed.As soon as the cold fingers let go for a moment,I pulled  my hand quickly back,put a pile of books in front of the  broken window,and tried not to listen to the desperate cries  outside.

解析:cruel 残忍的,残酷的
eg: "Oh, Hamlet. What a thing you have done! " cried the queen in terror.

Go away!’I called.‘I'll never let you in,not if you go on  crying for twenty years!’

‘It is almost twenty years!'replied the sad little voice.‘I've been out here in the dark for nearly twenty years!’The  hand started pushing through the window at the pile of books,and I knew it would find me and catch hold of me again.Unable to move,I stared in horror at the shape behind the  glass,and screamed.

解析:短语 catch hold of 的字面意思是抓住、控制,同时也引申为理解、掌握
eg:Do you catch hold of our teaching methods now?

There were rapid footsteps outside my bedroom door,and  then I saw the light of a candle in the room.

‘Is anyone here?’whispered Heathcliff.He could not see  me behind the curtains,and clearly did not expect an answer.I knew I could not hide from him,so I opened the curtains  wide.

解析:hide 隐瞒、隐藏
短语hide from 意思是隐瞒、躲避、不让……发现
eg:You must hide medicine from children.

I was surprised by the effect of my action.Heathcliff  dropped his candle and stood without moving,his face as  white as the wall behind him.He did not seem to recognize  me.

‘It's only your guest,Lockwood,’I said.‘I'm sorry,I  must have had a bad dream and screamed in my sleep.’

‘To the devil with you,Mr Lockwood!’growled my landlord.‘Who allowed you to sleep in this room?Who was it?’

‘It was your housekeeper,Mr Heathcliff,’I said,quickly  putting my clothes on.‘And I'm angry with her myself! No  one can sleep in a room full of ghosts!’

‘What do you mean?’asked Heathcliff,looking suddenly  very interested.‘Ghosts,you say?’

‘That little girl,Catherine Linton,or Earnshaw,or whatever her name was,must have been wicked!She told me she  had been a ghost for nearly twenty years.It was probably a  punishment for her wickedness!’

解析:wicked 邪恶的、不道德的、讨厌的,是个贬义词,也可用以指恶人
eg:The old peddler woman was really the wicked queen, " said the dwarfs to Snow White.

‘How dare you speak of her to me?’cried Heathcliff  wildly.But as I described my dream,he became calmer,and  sat down on the bed,trembling as he tried to control his  feelings.

解析:短语speak of 的意思是提起、说起、论及
eg:You shouldn't speak of his ex-wife in face of him.