1 Mr Lockwood visits Wuthering Heights
1 洛克伍德先生造访呼啸山庄

1801 I have just returned from a visit to my landlord,Mr  Heathcliff.I am delighted with the house I am renting  from him.Thrushcross Grange is miles away from any town or village.That suits me perfectly.And the scenery here in  Yorkshire is so beautiful!
1801年 我刚刚拜访我的房东希斯克利夫先生回来。我喜欢从他那儿租来的那座房子。画眉山庄无论离哪个村镇都有数英里之遥,正合我的心意。约克郡这儿的风景太美了!

eg:He is the landlord of this apartment.

Mr Heathcliff,in fact,is my only neighbour,and I think  his character is similar to mine.He does not like people either.

similar 相同的,类似的
eg:Ann's new cellphone is similar to mine.

‘My name is Lockwood,’I said,when I met him at the  gate to his house.‘I'm renting Thrushcross Grange from you. I just wanted to come and introduce myself.’

He said nothing,but frowned,and did not encourage me to  enter.After a while,however,he decided to invite me in.

frown 皱眉;表示不喜欢 常与upon\on连用
eg:She frowns on gambling.

‘Joseph,take Mr Lock wood's horse!’he called.‘And  bring up some wine from the cellar!’Joseph was a very old  servant,with a sour expression on his face.He looked crossly  up at me as he took my horse.

解析:sour 字面意思是酸的、酸臭的、发酵的,同时还有引申意思为生气的、讨厌的、不高兴的
eg:The grape are sour.

‘God help us!A visitor!’he muttered to himself.Perhaps  there were no other servants,I thought.And it seemed that  Mr Heathcliff hardly ever received guests.

His house is called Wuthering Heights.The name means‘a  windswept house on a hill’,and it is a very good description.The trees around the house do not grow straight,but are bent  by the north wind,which blows over the moors every day of  the year.Fortunately,the house is strongly built,and is not  damaged even by the worst winter storms.The name‘Earn-shaw’is cut into a stone over the front door.

Mr Heathcliff and I entered the huge main room.It could  have been any Yorkshire farmhouse kitchen,except that there  was no sign of cooking,and no farmer sitting at the table. Mr  Heathcliff certainly does not look like a farmer.His hair and  skin are dark,like a gipsy's,but he has the manners of a  gentleman.He could perhaps take more care with his  appearance,but he is handsome. I think he is proud,and also  unhappy.

perhaps 作副词时,意思是可能、也许;作名词意思是假定、猜想
eg:Perhaps you could contact them first.

We sat down by the fire,in silence.

‘Joseph!'shouted Mr Heathcliff.No answer came from the  cellar,so he dived down there,leaving me alone with several  rather fierce-looking dogs. Suddenly one of them jumped  angrily up at me,and in a moment all the others were attacking me.From every shadowy corner in the great room appeared a growling animal,ready to kill me,it seemed.

dive 意思是潜水、使下潜、急速下降
eg:He dived gracefully into the water.