I. Listening Comprehension
Section A

1. A. Next Saturday. B. Next Tuesday. C. Next Friday. D. Next Sunday.

2. A. In a bookstore. B. In a library. C. In a bank. D. In a post office.

3. A. A manager and a customer. B. An employer and an employee.
C. A professor and a student. D. An examiner and an examinee.

4. A. Tim’s excellent performance. B. Tim’s assignment.
C. Tim’s graduation day. D. Tim’s study habits.

5. A. To a hotel. B. To a restaurant.
C. To a training class. D. To the train station.

6. A. An artist. B. A painter. C. A journalist. D. An architect.

7. A. To quit basketball.
B. To go on playing basketball in spite of the failure.
C. To give the reason for giving up basketball.
D. To take part in another game.

8. A. They are looking for an apartment. B. The man does not like his bedroom.
C. The woman enjoys shopping for clothes. D. They have just moved into an apartment.

9. A. She will decide later. B. She doesn’t care for either.
C. She doesn’t want to go out. D. She wants the man to decide.

10. A. Her car is close-by. B. She lives far away.
C. She has a new car. D. She wants the man to walk with her.

Section B

Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.
11. A. She explained the functions of the BCD International.
B. She described some popular singers.
C. She introduced the radio program to listeners.
D. She played a new record.

12. A. About the Big Hits. B. The History of Pop.
C. The Road to Music. D. Pop Words.

13. A. To introduce new singers and songwriters.
B. To provide the background with music.
C. To help to understand the words to the big music hits.
D. To hear from listeners’ opinions on music.

Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage.
14. A. They want to learn the basics of English.
B. They benefit from learning general English skills.
C. They want to have an up-to-date knowledge of English.
D. They know clearly what they want to learn.

15. A. Doctors. B. Businessmen. C. Reporters. D. Lawyers.

16. A. Three groups of learners.
B. The importance of business English.
C. English for Specific Purposes.
D. Features of English for different purposes.

Section C
Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation.
Complete the form. Write ONE WORD for each answer.

How long have the Kramers been on vacation? For a (17)_________.
Who did David invite for the dinner? Some of the Kramers’ friends and (18)____.
Why does David want to have the dinner party? To thank the Kramers for their (19) ______.
What does Nancy think of David? He is (20)_________.

Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation.
Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
What job does the woman suggest to the man? (21)__________.
What did Boris do for Mr. Alexander? (22)___________.
Where can the man ask for help according to the
The (23)___________.
What else does the applicant have to do besides
filling out an application form?
(24)_________ and provide
three references.