II. Grammar and Vocabulary

Section A

25. The key _____ success is to choose a right goal, plan your path and then get started.

A. about                       B. of                            C. to                                   D. with

26.Ask yourself whether you have a balance between work and play. Too much of one creates a sacrifice or loss with _____.

A. another                    B. the other                  C. the others                 D. others

27. Scientists estimate that plants and animals lived _____ 3.5 billion years ago.

A. as far as                   B. as many as                C. as long as                 D. as old as

28. Walking alone in the quiet town, Helen thought she _____ have invited John to enjoy the peace together.

A. can’t                        B. needn’t                    C. should                      D. might

29.I stayed up late doing my homework yesterday, so I had trouble _____ up early this morning.

A. get                          B. getting                            C. got                          D. to get

30. In the past two years, the number of campus bookstores offering rentals _____ from a few dozen to 1,500.

A. jumped                    B. had jumped                     C. is jumping                D. has jumped

31. The long-held belief _____ certain foods increase intelligence has turned out to be a disappointment.

A. that                         B. whether                    C. which                      D. why

32. Not until the man in black took off his dark glasses _____ that he was the famous film star.

A. did I realize                     B. I realized                  C. was I realized           D. I have realized

33. Consumers are getting more sensible and buy only _____ they need in spite of all the advertisements they see.

A. that                         B. what                        C. which                      D. whether

34. A lot of new technology _____ into schools to make learning more effective these years.

A. introduced                                                   B. has introduced

C. was introduced                                             D. is being introduced

35.Applicants _____ first language is not English are required to achieve a satisfactory standard in University-approved Test in English. 

A. whose                      B. in which                   C. who                         D. that

36.   “Have a nice day!” is a wonderful expression, _____ us, in effect, to enjoy the moment and to value this very day. 

A. reminds                   B. to remind                 C. to be reminding        D. reminding

37.   I’ve already told you that I’m going to buy a new iPad, _____.

A. how much does it cost                                  B. however much it costs

C. no matter how it costs                                  D. however does it cost much

38. Facing a beggar, I may feel this poor person needs help, and the need will not be met _____ I put my hand in my pocket now.

A. since                        B. in case                   C. unless                       D. while 

39. Seed plants – plants _____ from seeds – need water, sunlight and mineral to grow vigorously.

A. grown                      B. to grow                  C. to be grown              D. having grown

40. The Community Representative is a position designed for people with a strong desire to do something rewarding and _____ some money.  

A. earned                            B. to earning               C. earning                 D. earn

Section B

Like many other young people, Lin Chi-ying (Vicky) and Chiang Chiu-ping (Pinky) dreamed of traveling the world. What makes them special is that they actually did it; what’s more, they did it on bicycles. At 18, Vicky read the famous Cycling Diary of Hu Rong-hua and was __41__ to take a bike tour of southern China by herself. In 1991, while riding along the island’s east coast, she met a Japanese __42__, who invited her to join him on a world cycling tour. In July 1998, they began their trip in Alaska. Vicky soon realized, however, that their travel philosophies were quite different. Her partner seemed intent on testing his endurance, while she preferred __43__ the fantastic scenery and meeting the locals. They parted after a month. Vicky cycled alone through the Rocky Mountains down to the western United States. By this time, her __44__ efforts to persuade her college friend, Pinky, to join her had succeeded. Once, in California, Vicky and Pinky were unable to find any cheap __45__, so they camped in a park. They were woken up by __46__ police officers, who told them camping there was illegal. In cities, they would __47__ through colleges and liparies, “in need of air-conditioning,” Pinky joked. Vicky and Pinky praise friends back in China who supported them __48__, as well as people who assisted them along the way. They have fond __49__ of the wonderful friendliness of the people in a Turkish village, where Vicky and Pinky farmed, cooked, and danced with the locals.