第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分50分)

第一节 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)

Hey there,
So you’re about to spend four years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars of your parents’ money,and all you really know about college is that all of your friends are going.Do you ever atop to wonder why you’re going?

Belax.You’re making the right decision.First of all,you’ll discover what interests you by taking coursea in many subjects.For example,it’s hard to decide if you want to be a painter if you’ve never painted any picture;once you’re in a drawing-room on campus,you’ll know one way or the other.College is also a lot of fun-after you graduate,you’ll be working every weekday for 50 or so years.And remember that college graduates earn about twice the income of those who never attended college.
Finding the right college can be difficult.Fortunately,Johnson Revicetv is here to help you every step of the way.

* Researching Schools.To us,the most important decision you’ll make is to choose the school that really fits you best-not the one that is the most competitive(有竞争力的) or has the best-equipped rooms.

* Applying to School.On JohnsonRevietv, com,you’ll find hundreds of actual college applications(申请) and links to many more.

* Raising Your Scores.American College Test is one of the most difficult parts of the admissions(录取) course.It’s not the most important,though,and not everyone needs to prepare for the test.But,if you think you can to better,find the right course for better scores.

* Paying for School.Most families need financial aid fir the high cost of college.The problem is that financial aid seems difficult to get and many families get eaught up in the price of college rather than learning the ways to get financial aid.If you really do your research,you’ll learn that you ean afford to attend any college, no matter the cost.

For more information,call 600-3681 orvisit JohnsonRevietv.com.Wherever you go,have a nice trip!

Jodhnson Smith
Foundr and CEO
Johnson Review

41.How many reasons for going to college does the author mention in the text?
A.2. B.3. C.4. D.5.

42.The author thinks you should choose the college that is________.
A.we11-equipped B.competitive C.suitsble D.famous

43.What does the author advise you to do to pay the high cost of college?
A.To ask the family for help.
B.To make a study of financial courses.
C.To do research on the price of college.
D.To get to know how to ask for financial aid.

44.What’s the author’s purpose of writing this text?
A.To suggest ways to prepare for college learning.
B.To help readers find the right college.
C.To make Johnson Review popular.
D.To introduce college life.

July 21, 2007 was a typical English summer’s day-it rained for 24 hours! As usual, I rushed home from work at midday to check on the house. Nothing was amiss . By the time I left work at 5 pm, hoever, the road into our village was flooded. Our house had never been flooded but, as I opened the front door, a wave of water greeted me. Thank God the kids weren’t with me, because the house was 5 feet deep in water. We lost everything downstairs. And the plaster had to be ton off the walls, ceilings pulled down.

At first we tried to push on through. We didn’ t want to move the children out of home, so we camped upstairs. We put a sheet of plastic across the floor to protect us from the damp. But after three months, we felt very sick, so we moved to a wooden house in a park. The house was small, but at first we were all just delighted to be in a new place. Unfortunately, things took longer than expected and we were there for 10 months. The life there was inconvenient. What surprised me most was how much I missed being part of a community(社区). We had lived in a friendly village with good neighbours, and I’d never thought how much I’d miss that.
Although our situation was very had, it’s difficult to feel too sorry for yourself when you look at what’s happening elsewhere. I watched a news peport about floods in Northern India and thought,

“We didn’t have a straw but(茅草房) that who swept away, and our house is still standing. We’re lucky.”
We moved back home in August. With December coming, there’s still reconstruction work to be done, so it’s difficult to prepare for Christmas, But I can’t wait-I’m going to throw a party for our friends in the village to say thanks for their support. This year, I won’t need any gifts-living away from home for months has made me realize how little we actually need or miss all our possessions. Although we are replacing things, there’s really no rush-we have our home back, and that’s the main thing.

45.What does the underlined word “amiss” in the first paragraph mean?
A.Wrong. B.Missing. C.Right. D.Found.

46.It can be inferred from the text that the author .
A.was sick of staying upstairs
B.cared much about her children
C.could not stand living in a wooden house
D.did not deal well with her family affairs during the flood

47.Why does the author say that they were lucky in the third paragraph?
A.Because ber situation was not serious.
B.Because many other places were flooded.
C.Because she had been to Northern lndia.
D.Because some others suffered even more.

48.What does the author mainly want to express by telling her story?
A.She valued human feelings more than before.
B.She realized she almost didn’t need possessions.
C.She found Christmas gifts no longer badly needed.
D.She thought her own home was the most important.

Honesty comes in many forms. First there’s self-honesty. Is what people see the real article or do you appear through smoke and mirrors ? I find that if I try to be something I’m not, I feel unsure of myself and take out a part from my PBA(personal bank account). I love how singer Judy Garland put it, “Always be a first-class version(版本) of yourself, instead of a second-class version of somebody else.”

Then there’s honesty in our actions. Are you honest at school, with your parents, and with your boss? If you’ve ever been dishonest, I think we all have, try being honest, and notice how whole it makes you feel. Remember, you can’t to wrong and feel right. This story by Jeff is a good example of that:
In my second year of study, there were three kids in my math class who didn’t do well.

I was really good at it. I would charge them three dollars for each test that I helped them pass. I’d write on a little piece of paper all the right answers, and hand them off.

At first I felt like I was making money, kind of a nice job. I wasn’t thinking about how it could hurt all of us. After a while I realized I shouldn’t do that anymore, because I wasn’t really helping theml They weren’t learning anything, and it would only get harder dwon the road. Cheating certainly wasn’t helping me.
It takes courage to be honest when people all around you are getting away with cheating on tests, lying to their parents, and stealing at work. But, remember, every act of honesty is a deposit(储蓄)into your PBA and will build strength.

49.The underlined part “appear through smoke and mirrors” in the first paragraph means “ ”.
A.to be honest
B.to be unreal
C.to become clear
D.to come from an imagined world

50.Which of the following can best explain Judy Garland’s words?
A.Be your true self rather than follow others.
B.on’t copy others or you can’t be the first class.
C.Make efforts to be the first instead of the second.
D.Don’t learn from others unless they’re excellent.

51.What does the author expect to show by Jeff’s story?
A.Honesty can be of great help.
B.A bad thing can be turned into a good one.
C.Helping others cheat can do good to nobody.
D.One should realize the wrong in his bad deeds.

52.In the last paragraph the author mainly wants to express .
A.one must be brave to be honest
B.it’s difficult to be honest when others are not
C.one should be honest when making a deposit
D.honesly in one’s actions can help him in the future

Cities alarmed by deaths and injuries of pedestrians are taking efforts to make crosswalks safer for people on foot, especially seniors and children who neeed more time to cross streets.

A pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident in the USA every 110 minutes; one is injured every nine minutes, according to offcial data. Crosswalks can be especiallly dangerous for the elderly. Among people 70 and older, 36% of pedestrian deaths in 2006 occurred in crosswalks, compard with 21% of those younger than 70, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The Federal Highway Administration(FHWA) advises that next year states increase by nearly 15% the amount of time traffic lights provide for pedestrians to cross the street after the flashing orange hand appears.

FHWA spokesman Doug Hecox says reasons for the change include an aging population that needs more time to cross, healthconscious Americans walking more, children encouraged to walk to prevent getting overweight and high gas prices pushing people to walk instead of drive.

Pedestrian deaths went down by 12% from 5, 449 in 1996 to 4,784 in 2006,.But among those in 2006,471 were killed in crosswalks, down slightly from 488 ten years earlier, the NAational

Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA)says.

53.Which of the following is true according to the text?
A.Among 100 pedestrian deaths there were 21 people youger than 70.
B.Old people are more likely to meet with accidents in crosswalks.
C.Traffic accidents killed more old people than young people.
D.About seven traffic accidents happened per hour.

54.What is FHWA’s suggestion to states?
A.Fixing more traffic lights.
B.Providing more erosswalks.
C.Giving pedestrians more time to cross streets.
D.Increasing the time before the orange lights appear.

55.What’s the cause of the crosswalk safety problem according to the text?
A.There’re many cars and buses on the road.
B.Pedestrians are careless.
C.Crosswalks are crowded.
D.Drivers don’t give way.

56.The report from NHTSA suggests that _____________.
A.fewer people were injured in crosswalks
B.crosswalk safety has greatly improved
C.much has been done to reduce traffic accidents
D.pedestrian deaths in crosswalks remain a serious problem

All to often,a choice that seems sustainable(可持续的)turns out on closer examination to be problematic.Probably the best example is the rush to produce ethanol(乙醇)for fuel from corn.Corn is a renewable resouree—you can harvest it and grow more,almost limitlessly.So replacing gas with corn ethanol seems like a great idea.

One might get a bit more energy out of the ethand than that used to make it,which could still make ethanol more sustainable than gas generally,but that’s not the end of the problem.Using corn to make ethanol means less corn is left to feed animals and people,which drives up the cost of food.That result leads to turning the fallow land—including,in some cases,rain forest in places such as Brazil—into farmland,which in turn gives off lots carbon dioxide(CO2)into the air.Finally,over many years,the energy benefit from buring ethanol would make up for the forest loss.But by then,climate change would have progressed so far that it might not help.

You cannot really declare any practice“sustainable”until you have done a complete life-cycle analysis of its environmental(环境的)costs.Even then,technology and public policy keep developing,and that development can lead to unforeseen and undesired results.The admirable goal of living sustainably requires plenty of thought on an ongoing basis.

57.What might directly cause the loss of the forest according to the text?
A.The growing demand for energy to make ethaol.
B.The increasing carbon dioxide in the air.
C.The greater need for farmland.
D.The big change in weather.

58.The underlined word “it”in the second paragraph refers to “______”.
A.the energy benefit B.the forest loss
C.climate change D.burning ethanol

59.The author thinks that replacing gas with corn ethanol is ______.
A.impractical B.acceptable C.admirable D.useless

60.What does the author mainly discuss in the text?
A.Technology. B.Sustainability.
C.Ethanol energy. D.Environmental protection.