Grilling tools

No.10 Grilling tools

The grill, like a man's office, is a personal sanctuary where mastery means everything. Your dad may not realize just how many useful tools exist now to help make the grilling experience that much better, so providing him with this Park-Style Charcoal Grill will impress him.


No.9 Alcohol

Sometimes, nothing can take the edge off of a day of stress and work like a nice, stiff drink. Buy your dad top-shelf booze like a bottle of Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky aged 15 years, and you'll be able to enjoy it with him on Father’s Day.

Fishing gear

No.8 Fishing gear

The traditionalist in your dad may lead him to believe that fishing is only about a rod, a reel and some line. Once he opens the luxurious handcrafted George Lawrence Creel, or even the more reasonably compact fishing-rod tote, you're likely to see his vision of this age-old pastime expand to include his new toys.

A set of golf clubs

No.7 A set of golf clubs

If your father considers a round of golf the closest thing he's found to heaven on earth, then enhancing his equipment to improve his game is an obvious Father’s Day gift idea. Wow him with a new set of workhorse Ping G15 irons, or add yards to his drive with the Callaway FT-IZ, and he'll ime he hits a great shot.
如果你父亲认为打一轮高尔夫是人间最快乐的事,那么优化他的游戏设备,提升他的游戏体验无疑时父亲节时献给老爸的一份厚礼。送一套经久耐用的新 Ping G15铁头,或者使击球更有力度的Callaway FT-IZ球杆,一定让你老爸喜不自禁,而且每逢击出好球时,他都会想到你。

A personalized gift

No.6 A personalized gift

A man rarely thinks about the events of the day he was born. But this reproduction of the entire edition of The New York Times printed on the day your dad was born, or any other date, contains all of the news the "Gray Lady" saw fit to print.


No.5 Books

Eating like a man doesn't mean pounding down pizza and beer in front of the TV. Eat Like A Man: The Only Cookbook A Man Will Ever Need includes 75 recipes from such renowned chefs as Mario Batali, Michael Symon and Tom Colicchio.


No.4 Gadgets

The GL1 Vehicle Diagnostic Tool for iPhone will directly connect your vehicle's engine On Board Diagnostics (OBD) data to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, letting you run an app to find out what your car's actually up to. As a bonus, it will charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch at the same time.
GL1 iPhone车载故障诊断工具可以直接将你的汽车引擎在线诊断数据发送到你的iPhone、iPad或者是iPod touch,通过运行一个应用程序就可以找到汽车故障的根源所在。好处还不只这些呢!它还可以同时为你的iPhone、iPad或者是iPod touch充电。


No.3 Meat

Most men associate the chance to dine on high-quality meat as a luxury only provided by restaurants. There are some excellent mail-order meat establishments such as Omaha Steaks or Prime Chops that can deliver the same level of quality for your dad to use in his own special recipes to make grilling at home that much more of an experience.

Sports tickets

No.2 Sports tickets

It sounds sappy, but often great experiences and the memories they create are the only gifts that matter. A pair of tickets for you and your dad to go to a game and support his favorite team is a gift that will wow him and give him something to look forward to once Father's Day is over.

Landscaping services

No.1 Landscaping services

The notion that a man enjoys mastering his domain by slaving away in the hot sun to cut grass, trim hedges and plant becomes less true as guys get older. But frugal dads who never like to ask for help may not be too keen on admitting they'd rather have someone else step in. Give your dad the gift of a prepaid landscaping service, and it will save his ego as well as his back.
[cn]在炎炎烈日下甩开膀子修剪草坪、整理树栅、种植花草,男人这种享受我的地盘我作主的观念,随着年龄的增长而变得越来越不切合实际。但是从来不愿意 寻求帮助的节俭老爸可能不太乐意承认自己希望雇用帮手。为老爸预付绿地养护费用,不仅可以拯救他的自尊心,还可以让他直起腰板舒展一下筋骨。 [/cn