Parenting is, on some occasions, a case of trial and error – and when the trials go wrong, the results can be extraordinarily entertaining.

Dote dads around the world have taken to social media to share evidence of their most entertaining parenting mishaps, using the hashtag #DadWin in order to commiserate with other parents over their failed parenting endeavours – and equally to give themselves a public pat on the back when they succeed.

1.Batboy! Photos with the hashtag #DadWin and #MumFail have been appearing on social media showing misadventures in parenting, including this one featuring a young baby with a pair of underpants on his face. 


2.Teammates: This gaming dad is getting his time with his daughter where he can take it by giving her a chance to play with a console controller.

Breakfast with dad

3.'Breakfast with dad. This counts. Right?' The man behind this post made a joke about the fact that his idea of quality time with his son involved the youngster watching something on an iPad.

Flower power

4.Flower power: The dad of this little girl just had to share his crafty work with a bunch of daisies, adding that only 'real men' play with flowers.

Nerf wars

5.Nerf wars: This post came complete with an accompanying comment from one dad about how brilliant his playtime skills are.


6.Oops! One young girl shared an image of a text conversation between herself and her father, noting that her dad didn't even realize she had left the house.

The great indoors

7.The great indoors: This dad received an appreciative post from his partner after treating the kids to a 'camp out' while mom got her rest.

Sorry kids

8.'Sorry kids...' This dad was apparently too busy to pay attention to his toast, burning '10 whole slices'. Luckily he could see the humor in the situation.