What Was the Worst Meal That You Ate Out of Politeness?


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I had a chocolate phase in high school.

One Sunday afternoon, Dad wanted to do something fun for me. He decided to get creative.

“I’ve got this!” was the enthusiastic pronouncement from the kitchen.

Just the right inspiration, just the right ingredients…

Pasta? He had fettuccine down.

Chocolate? Well, syrup drizzles on like sauce, doesn’t it?

I lifted and lowered my fork stoically, but he knew it was a dish gone wrong.

My only regret is I never got to return the favor.

Happy Father’s Day and may you rest in peace, Dad.


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Whenever a question like this comes up, there’s only one thing that immediately comes to mind.

I was over visiting my grandmother one day, and with lunchtime approaching, she told me to sit down while she goes and makes me some lunch (because for some reason you can never leave your grandparents place without eating!).

A few minutes later she returns with a cup of tea and a sandwich. After taking a sip of tea, I bite into the sandwich and I’m immediately met by a loud crunch, which is then followed by a sharp, pungent taste. Turns out that Nan’s a big fan of onions, and decided to make me a raw onion sandwich!

I put my hatred of raw onions to the side and force fed myself this sandwich while smiling and nodding in appreciation; I was just thankful that she hadn’t made me two of them!