Swati Veera答道

Job satisfaction is important for living a (relatively) stress free life as we spend most of our time at workplace. You realise you are not satisfied with your job when you drag your feet to workplace every Monday. For most people lack of job satisfaction usually depends on certain factors such as poor job profile (as per your expectations), poor salary raise, slow career advancement, poor organizational culture etc.

In order to get job satisfaction, firstly you will have to identify which factor is contributing to your lack of job satisfaction. So reflect on this, and also know what attracted you to this job as this will help you to better understand why job satisfaction lacks. Also, knowing your job well will help you to perform well.

Having done this background work, you can now start working towards improving job satisfaction.

The first step towards this is to develop positive attitude.

Identify certain positive factors in your job profile and focus on those to start with. This will make you to fall in love with your work. Don’t just look at your work as a source of income but have involvement in it.

Secondly, identify your weaknesses and work towards overcoming those as this will help you to improve on your productivity.

Thirdly, identify the skills that are required for performing your job.

Take challenges.

Most of us like challenges, so take up a challenge like volunteering yourself for a new project. Give your 100 % to the project. Work hard but take a few short breaks for refreshing yourself. Don't get discouraged if the project doesn't turn out to be as you expected. Try your hands on second one and work more hard.Focus on quality of work. Quality of the work is of utmost importance as it reflects on your capability.

Dealing with people at work place.

It is very important how you deal with people around you including your supervisor, co-workers and others. If your supervisor is not cooperative or doesn't give you a free hand, feel free to tell him/her so respectfully and assertively. Also, make it a point to thank your supervisor or a co-worker for their help or encouragement to you. Also, show an interest and inclination to help your co-worker and support your supervisor for attaining your team’s goal. Importantly, try to be in the company of positive colleagues, and stay away from those who indulge in gossiping.

Dimage Sapelkin答道

1.First thing to derive satisfaction is the fact that you got a job which itself is a scarce opportunity for many of our classmates.

2.Love your job.

Try to understand the wide sphere of your job profile and the role you perform in attaining the mission of your organisation for services to the society. It is well said that either you find a job you love , else you love a job you find.

3.Job satisfaction may come when you contribute something / solve a problem of someone by applying your talent.

4.Learn continuously (through study, training, on the job learning, helping the seniors ) new things rather than sticking to mechanical routines.

This expands your experience and talent and enables you to rise to higher position when you achieve growing competence.

5.Let your bosses know your competencies by applying those in improving output from your role / offer your services whenever opportunities arise for higher role even for short vacancies/ emergencies.
5. 让你的老板发现你的能力:运用职位所需的技能,或当晋升机会/短期空缺/紧急事件出现时提供的帮助。

This makes your bosses aware of your abilities and they can elevate you when need arises.

6.Take training/deputations/invitations to attend meetings as an opportunity for career growth rather than viewing it as an extra load.
6. 参与培训/加入代表团/接受各种会议的邀请,把它们视为职业成长的良好机会而不是只是额外的工作量。

7.Look for the jobs that interest you more, because when you have inherent interest for what you do, the job satisfaction is sure.