We will enable people to enjoy more of the fruits of cultural development. Culture is the lifeblood of a nation and a source of innovation.

文化发展成果 the fruits of cultural development
民族的精神命脉 the lifeblood of a nation


① 没有和谐进步,发展成果不能持久。
Without harmony and progress, no development will sustain.
② 报告回顾了过去数十年的发展成果,认为世界在进入新千年之际有许多值得庆贺的成就。
Looking back over previous decades of development results, the report says that the world has much to celebrate as it begins the new millennium.

We will put into practice core socialist values and promote fine traditional Chinese culture.

践行 put into practice
弘扬 promote
优秀传统文化 fine traditional Chinese culture

受小学英语影响,“好”字容易译成 good,其实 fine 也不错

He will make a fine leader.
He has a fine collection of stamps.
The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.

We will encourage philosophy and the social sciences to flourish and promote the development of literature and art; the press and publishing; radio, television, and film; archiving; and other cultural programs. We will work to protect cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage.

新闻出版 the press and publishing
档案 archiving

archive /ˈɑːkaɪv/

We will ensure that more outstanding works of literature and art are created for the people to enjoy, and encourage a love of reading in all our people to build a nation of avid readers.

优秀文艺作品 outstanding works of literature and art
书香社会 a nation of avid readers

Avid /ˈævɪd/热切的
He misses not having enough books because he's an avid reader.

We will make steady progress in providing basic public cultural services in a standard and equitable way, allow free admission to more public cultural facilities, and ensure multipurpose cultural service centers play a key role in local communities.

标准化均等化 in a standard and equitable way
基层 local communities
公共文化设施 public cultural facilities

We will deepen the structural reform of the cultural sector and promote the integrated development of traditional and emerging media. We will expand cultural exchanges with other countries and improve our ability to communicate effectively with international audiences.

融合发展 the integrated development
人文交流 cultural exchanges
国际传播能力 ability to communicate effectively with international audiences

发展全民健身、竞技体育和体育产业,做好 2022 年冬奥会申办工作。
We will develop public fitness programs, competitive sports, and the sports industry, and work toward putting in a strong bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Work toward 致力于....
In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to maintain your focus and motivation while you work toward achieving your goals.

Put in 投入 (时间、精力)
Wade was going to be paid a salary, instead of by the hour, whether he put in forty hours or not.
They've put in time and effort to keep the strike going.

We will strengthen and make innovations in social governance.

We will deepen reform of the management of social organizations, and accelerate efforts to untie industry associations and chambers of commerce from any connections they may have with the government.

加强和创新 strengthen and make innovations in
脱钩 untie ··· from

We will support the participation of popular organizations in social governance in accordance with the law. We will develop specialized social work, volunteer services, and charities.

慈善事业 charities (理解中英文差异才能做好互译)
志愿服务 volunteer services

We will encourage the opening of nongovernmental elderly care facilities, and develop community-based and at-home elderly care.We will provide support and services for children, women, and older people who remain in rural areas while their family members move to work in urban areas, and establish a system of social protection for minors.

社区和居家养老 community-based and at-home elderly care
关爱服务 support and services

We will improve our ability to prevent and handle public emergencies and to prevent, respond to, and mitigate disasters. We will ensure that work in seismology, meteorology, surveying, mapping, and geology is all carried out to good effect.

防范处置 prevent and handle
防灾救灾减灾 prevent, respond to, and mitigate disasters
做好 ensure that work in ··· is all carried out to good effect.

We will make intensive efforts to increase public awareness of the rule of law, improve the effectiveness of people’s mediation, and improve the system of legal aid. We will ensure that potential risks which major policy decisions may pose to social stability are fully assessed so as to effectively prevent and resolve social conflicts. We will ensure that the handling of public complaints filed through letters and visits is brought into line with the rule of law, and see to it that all justified complaints and demands are resolved promptly and locally.

法治宣传 increase public awareness of the rule of law
加强······工作 improve the effectiveness of
法律援助 legal aid
信访 public complaints filed through letters and visits
纳入法治轨道 bring into line with the rule of law
就地 locally
合理诉求 justified complaints and demands

We will uphold law and order in China; improve the multidimensional system for crime prevention and control; punish violent terrorism, pornography, gambling, drug abuse and trafficking, cult activity, smuggling, and other crimes in accordance with the law; develop and regulate cyberspace; and ensure national and public security.

立体化 multidimensional
暴恐 violent terrorism
走私 smuggling
邪教 cult activity
规范网络空间regulate cyberspace

Life is priceless; we must take stronger measures to ensure workplace safety in all fields, and ensure food and medicine safety throughout the production process.

更坚决措施 stronger measures
安全生产 workplace safety
全方位 in all fields