Amazon today announced the Fire Phone, an Android-based device that features an innovative “dynamic perspective” imaging, a revamped UI, and, not surprisingly, strong integration with Amazon’s ecosystem, including Mayday live help. It will be available on AT&T for $199 with a two-year contract.
美国时间6月18日,美国电商巨头亚马逊于西雅图正式推出首款智能手机Fire Phone。此次发布的Fire Phone搭载谷歌安卓系统、采用创新性的“动态视角”成像技术和全新设计的用户界面,并且不出意料地和包括Mayday在线服务在内的亚马逊生态系统紧密结合。亚马逊与AT&T合作推出的两年合约机价格为199美金。

The phone's dynamic perspective feature updates 60 times per second to make the interface work. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likened it to the move from flat artwork to artwork with geometric perspective which began in the 14th century.
这款智能手机的动态视角技术每秒更新60次,支持用户界面运行。亚马逊首席执行官杰夫·贝佐斯将Fire Phone比做14世纪从平面艺术到立体艺术的变革。

The key to making dynamic perspective work is knowing exactly where the user's head is at all times, in real time, many times per second, Bezos said.

The phone features four specialized front-facing cameras in addition to the standard front-facing camera found near the earpiece, two of which can be used in case the other cameras were covered; it uses the best two at any given time. In addition, Amazon included infrared lights in each camera to allow the phone to work in the dark.
除靠近听筒位置的标准前置摄像头外,Fire Phone前置4个专有摄像头,当其它镜头被挡住时,可以使用其中两个摄像头;任何时候,手机都会智能选择使用最合适的两个摄像头。此外,Fire Phone的所有摄像头都是红外摄像头,即便在黑暗中,手机也可以正常成像。