Starting next month, a new scenic spot featuring traditional Hong Kong style food will have its grand opening at the Hong Kong Ocean Park. The old fashioned decoration and nostalgic atmosphere will be a throwback to the region in the 1960s and 1970s.

The scenic spot called Old Hong Kong Street is set to open in mid March, yet the street food on offer is already enjoying popularity among visitors during its trial run. Delicacies including the set menu Nine Bowls were common festival cuisine back in mid 20th century, offering dishes like spicy squid, fish balls, pastries, and rice cakes.

Lam Gamcan, baker of Kee Wah Bakery, said, "Our pastries are very traditional. For example, the Mazai tart is purely made of egg and the Wife Cake is made strictly following the traditional process. This guarantees the crispy yet soft taste of the cake."

In addition to the traditional street food, Hong Kong Ocean Park has also explored commodities with a distinctive retro vibe for souvenir hunters.


Liang Chicheng, executive director of Domestic marketing, HK Ocean Park, said, "We hope this Old Hong Kong Street could help revive the memories of old traditions in Hongkong in the 1970s."

Since its opening in 1977, Hong Kong Ocean Park has witnessed over 10 million visitors. As a world-level theme park with nearly 70 scenic spots, it is now the pillar of Hong Kong’s tourism industry.


scenic spot:名胜
grand opening:盛大开幕
Old Hong Kong Street:香港老大街
trial run:试运行,试营业
Nine Bowls:“九大簋”套餐
fish balls:鱼丸
rice cakes:年糕
Mazai tart:小蛋挞
retro vibe:复古的氛围