Fish Leong's earnest delivery of soulful Mandarin ballads about unrequited love and breakups has earned her the moniker "Heavenly Queen of Love Songs." She has also developed a pan-Asian fan-base and album sales of just over 18 million. Now, Leong is on a world tour to coincide with her new album.

The 32-year-old Malaysian-Chinese singer released her first post-marriage album in December. The upbeat "What Love Songs Didn't Tell You" marked a break from her signature sad love songs.

Fish Leong said, "There are different stages in everyone's life. I can't stay in a distressed emotional state forever. It's just like acting in the movies - sometimes you derive your emotions from your life, sometimes you are portraying something fictitious in songs. I want to share the different sides of myself."

"What Love Songs Didn't Tell You" has already sold some 900,000 copies in Asia, according to figures released by her management company.

"The Love Library World Tour" kicked off on May 28th in Taipei, where Leong, a native of the Malaysian town of Bahau, launched her career.

The half-year tour will also take her to Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and the U.S., Malaysian dates have not been confirmed due to tight stadium bookings. In a sign of the growing importance of the thriving Chinese mainland market, 12 of the 17 confirmed dates are on the mainland. Besides major metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai, Leong is also hitting smaller cities such as Quanzhou, Foshan and Cixi.


Fish Leong:梁静茹
Mandarin ballads:国语歌
unrequited love:单相思
Heavenly Queen of Love Songs:情歌王后
album sales:专辑销量
Malaysian-Chinese singer:马来西亚华裔歌手
distressed emotional state :不良情绪状态