Every year the Major of Arts Admissions Test for colleges, sets the ground for one of the country’s fiercest competitions. This year will be even more tough, as fewer students will be admitted to art institutions. CCTV reporter Ji Yi went to the Beijing Film Academy to see how prospective students are coping with the stress.

After the preliminary examinations finished for the acting department, one of the most popular departments in the Academy, students are still on edge.

This year’s enrollment has been reduced by half, meaning only 1 out of 200 prospective students will get a place at this prestigious college.

A prospective student said, “I find this Major of Arts Admissions Test for colleges really hard. Talented students from all over China come here, so the competition is very fierce.”

Another prospective student said, “I didn’t prepare a lot for this exam. My parents don’t agree with my decision of being an artistic student, but I learned something related to acting by myself then I came here.”

Parents worry that the fierce competition will give their kids a lot of pressure, with their artistic careers complicating their social lives in the future.

A parent said, “I think it depends on his fate, luck and even a bit of Fengshui. But my son has his own philosophy, and I trust him.”

The lure of the celebrity life, the fame fortune and luxury, draws countless young people across the country to chase their dreams. They believe that studying in an artistic institution will help them take another big step towards stardom.

A prospective student said, ““I told myself at the age of 17 that this is my dream. Not having a dream or being afraid of chasing your dream is pathetic. Starting an acting career involves fierce competition. All I can do is my best in the exam and in my future career.


the Major of Arts Admissions Test:艺术专业招生考试
art institutions:艺术院校
the Beijing Film Academy:北京电影学院
cope with:对付,处理
preliminary examinations:初试
on edge:竖着,紧张,急切
related to:与 ... 相关
be afraid of:害怕