Every year, the Spring Festival Gala features new faces. Canadian Mark Rowswell may be no newcomer, but this year he is bringing a group of students from overseas to perform with him.

Mark is more well known across China as Dashan. A familiar face for many, the rehearsal of his team backstage drew a lot of attention. This was quite an accomplishment considering the place was full of China's superstars.

Dashan's team is made up of students from Confucius Institutes around the world. They enjoy showing off their fluent Chinese after rehearsal.

But it took more than that to get past a rigorous judging panel.

Mark Rowswell said "On site there are hundreds of people...they have been great. they are full of confidence."

Dashan and his team wereawarded a five minute slot in the Spring Festival gala, which will be aired for four hours on the eve of the lunar new year.


the Spring Festival Gala:春节联欢晚会
Confucius Institutes:孔子学院
show off:炫耀; 使显眼; 卖弄
get past:通过
judging panel:审判团,裁判组
on site:在现成的(就地的)