1.I know the boy ____________ you gave the book____________.
;to ;to whom;to ;to him
2.Harbin is the very place ____________ I’m anxious to pay a visit.
which which
3.Have you been to Hangzhou____________ West Lake is the most beautiful in our country?

4.I know the student ____________ you borrowed the pen.
whom which
5.Here are players from Japan,____________ are our old friends.

6.They arrived at the farmhouse in front of ____________ sat a small boy.
7.That is the day ____________ I’ll never forget.
A./ which which
8.The letter is from my sister,____________ is working in Beijing.

9.I bought a book,____________ I can’t remember now.
title title title of it title of that
10.I want to use the same dictionary ____________ was used yesterday.

11.He is good at English,____________ we all know.

12.I’ll never forget the days ________ we spent together in the countryside.
which which
13.This is the best film ____________ I have ever seen.
14.He is the only one of the students ____________ from Shanghai.
is are are come
15.Mr Scott is one of the foreign experts who ____________ in China.
working working been working
16.I,who ____________ in America,feel proud of being a Chinese.
17.He’ll never forget the people and the place ________ she visited in Beijing last year.
18.Do you know the reason ____________ he was late?
what which

1~5 ADABD 6~10 CACBD 11~18 BCAAC CAC

用关系代词填空.(答案可能不唯一)(that, which, who, whom, whose)
1. These books _____________ you lent me were very useful.
2. The storybook ____________ I have just read cannot be easily forgotten.
3. A dictionary is a book _____________ gives the meaning to the word.
4. Is there anyone ____________ family is in Beijing?
5. This is the best film ________ has been shown this year.