1、In 2022, Beijing will host the Winter Olympics. ________ my brother and I want to watch it.
 A. Neither B. All C. Either D. Both
ng wrong something
2、---I didn’t start well. ---Don’t worry. _____will become easy.
A. Something B. Anything C. Nothing D. Everything
3、This computer is very easy to use. ______ can learn to use it in a very short time.
A. Somebody B. Nobody C. Anybody D. Few people
4、Helen is new here,so we know _______ about her
A.Nothing B.Something C.Anything D.everything
5、I have tried several jackets, but _______ of them fits me well.
A. all B. both C. none D. neither
6、--There is no salt left.Jim,would you like to get______?
A. it B. one C. some
8、— What a great thing to have a robot at home!
— Robots are really useful. One day they will help people do almost ________.
A. something B. everything C. nothing
9、Don't worry. There is _____ wrong with the TV set. It's only because of power cut.
A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything
10、 Helen is new here, so we know about her.
A. nothing B. something
C. anything D. everthing
11、I feel my stomach terrible. I think I ate _____ at lunch time.
A. something bad B. something good C. bad something D. good something
12、He didn’t know the matter. I didn’t know it, ______.
A. too B. also C. either D. neither
13、-- What a bad day!
--- Everyone has one of those days When goes right.
A. nothing B. anything C. everything D. something
14、—Would you like some juice or coffee?
—______ is OK. I really don’t care.
A. Both B. Either C. Neither
15、The light went out suddenly.It was very darkand could be seenclearly.
A.anything B.something C.nothing D.everything
16、-----Are your parents doctors, too?
----- No, they are teachers. ________ of them love teaching very much.
A. All B. Both C. None D. Neither
17、You have just read this newspaper. Did you find_______ in it?
A. interesting anything B. anything interesting
C. interesting something D. something interesting
18、---When are we going to see the movie ZooTopia, this afternoon or tonight?
--- is OK. I’m free today.
A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. All
19、Do you need ________ to read on the train?
A. special anything B. any special thing
C. anything specially D. anything special
20、Sometimes turns off the lights in the classroom because everybody thinks somebody will do it.
A.anybody B.somebody C.nobody D.everybody
21、The twins look exactly the same. ______ of them are in my class.
A.Each B.Both C.Either D.None
22、He told me he would tell us ______.
A. surprising something B. surprised something
C. something surprising D. something surprised
23、I’m sorry I know _____ about it. It’s a secret between them.
A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything
24、Lily tried on some new shoes, but she took ______ in the end. They were too expensive.
A. all B. none C. both D. either
25、___ of the students in the class would like to go to school by bike in such terrible weather.
A. All B. Both C. Neither D. None
26、Maybe the disaster can destroy our homes, but_______can destroy the love in our people.
ing hing ng g
27、The story is really interesting, but I don’t think ______ will like it.
A. somebody B. anybody C. everybody D. nobody
28、----When shall we go to the concert, today or tomorrow?
------_______ is OK. I am free this week.
A. Both B. All C. Either D. Neither