(1)other、the other和another的用法:
Some girls are singing under the big apple tree and others are sitting on the grass talking.(有些女孩在大苹果树下唱歌,别的就躺在草地上说话) /
You have had several cakes. Do you really want another one?(你已经吃了好几块饼子了,你真的还要一块?) / I want another four books.(我还要四本书)
another(另外的,再一,又一)与the other(另外的一个) 主要从数量上区分,只有两个时用the other,在原先基础上增加用another。
如: This is one of your socks. Where is the other one?(这是你的一只袜子,还有一只呢?) I have eaten 4 cakes, but I still want another.(我已经吃了4块蛋糕,但是我还要一块。)
others与the others的主要区别:others指“剩余的人/物”(指大部分);the others指“其余的人/物”,(指全部)。
如:A few students are playing soccer while others are watching them.(有几个学生在踢足球,其他一些人在观看) / Two of the ten boys are standing and the others are sitting round them.(十个男孩中有两个站着,其他人都围着他们坐着。
如:I don’t care much for what to drink. Either of the two will do. (我不介意喝些什么,两个之中随便哪个都行)