1. After a long walk, little Jim was hungry and tired. He could ___walk any farther.
A. suddenly B. hardly C. luckily D. mostly
2. Write ___ and try not to make any mistakes.
A. as careful as possible B. as carefully as you can C. most careful D. more careful
3. His car is not new, and mine is not new___ .
A. too B. also C. either D. so
4. What ___ wind! It’s blowing .
A. a strong; strongly B. strong; strongly C. a strong;big D. strong; strong
5. His school is in the northest, thousands of kilo metres .
A. away B. long C. out D. far
6. Which do you like ___ , apples.oranges or pears?
A. good B. well C. better D. best
7. “___ and ___ are we going to have the meeting?” “At half past eight in our school.”
A. What…where B. When…how C. Who…where D. When…where
8. She walked so ___ that she missed the last bus.
A. fast B. quietly C. brightly D. slowly
9. It was ___ cold yesterday. Tom caught a bad cold. He can’t go to school today.
A. much too B. too much C. very much D. much
10. Last time Zhang Hong’s exam results were the best in our class.
This time Li Hong took first place ___ .
A. carefully B. nearly C. clearly D. instead
1. B. 考查词意;suddenly “突然”;hardly “几乎不”,luckily “幸运地”,mostly “主要地”,显然通过语境判断B为正确答案。
2. B. 本题考查形容词和副词的区分,形容词用于系词后或名词前,副词用来修饰动词,由此判断A、C、D均不符合。
3. C. 副词too, also, either都有 “也”的意思,但also比too更为正式,用在行为动词之前,动词be或助动词、情态动词之后。too用于肯定句的句尾,either用于否定句的末尾。
4. A. wind本为不可数名词,若用a string wind表示 “一阵风”,修饰动词blow要用副词strongly。
5. A. 表示距离时通常用副词away来表示离说话人所在地多少路程以外的地方;long和out不能表达此意;当句中有数量的词语时,后面不能用far。
6. D. 该题考查副词最高级的用法.表示三者以上的比较,副词得用最高级形式,句子中best 是well的最高级形式,在句子中作状语,修饰动词 like,故正确答案为D。
7. D. 该题考查根据适当的语境,选择正确的疑问副词.由答语At half past eight in our school可以判断出,问话是用特殊疑问句询问开会的时间和地点,故答案为D.
8. D. 该题考查考生根据语境选择正确副词的能力.四个选项的副词所表达的意义不同:fast快,迅速地; quietly平静地;birghtly光亮地,鲜明地; slowly慢慢地。
四个选项填入空白意思都正确,但结果状语从句that she missed the last bus表时,答案只能是D. so…that意为“如此…以致…”,引导表示结果的状语从句。So是副词,用以修饰其后的形容词或副词,说明其程度大小。
9. A. much too意为 “太”、“非常”,用作副词组,修饰形容词、副词,但不可修饰动词;too much作“太多解,用作形容词词组,修饰不可数名词。题干中后两句的语境及cold表明,正确答案为A。
10. D. 从题干所叙述的前后两次考试情况来看,在后一次考试中李红代替了张红在
前一次考试中在班内所取得成绩的名次,因此空白处应填副词instead,意为 “代替”、“顶替”,答案为D。