50. graduation announcements 毕业典礼请柬
Have you ordered your graduation announcements?

51. groan about 抱怨
How come Michael’s always groaning about something?

52. guest lecturer 客座教授
The only person who understood the guest lecturer was the professor.

53. hand-me-down 送的东西
A: What a gorgeous jacket. It must have cost a fortune.
B: Not at all. It’s a hand-me-down.

54. hand down 易如反掌
Lee won the chess match hands down.

55. have a way with 擅长
Bonnie really has a way with words.

56. have had it with 处于
I’ve had it with being sick in bed. I’ve read most of these magazines twice.

57. head and shoulders above 高出许多
In computer programming. Susan is head and shoulders above the rest of us.

58. hit the spots 特别好
This lemonade sure hits the spots.

59. hold the grudge 记仇
A: I wish I hadn’t hurt Mary’s feelings like that. You know I never meant to.
B: The great thing about Mary is that she doesn’t hold the grudge.