31. benefit concert 慈善音乐会
We need to let everyone know about the benefit concert, but we don’t have much money for advertising.

32. busy signal 占线
I’ve been calling David for the past half hour, but I keep getting a busy signal.

33.between you and me 你我之间,保密
Between you and me, I think he's rather disloyal.

34. call for
Tom just called for you.
The forecast calls for heavy rain again tonight. Aren’t you glad we’ll be getting away from this for a week?
It’s probably in the new part of town. We’ll have to call for directions.

35. call it a day 就此结束
A: I’m really glad our club decides to raise money for the children’s hospital and most of the people we’ve phoned seemed happy to contribute.
B: Yeah. I agree. Now we’ve gone through all the numbers on our list now, so I guess we can call it a day.

36. cash the check 兑现支票
Have your sister cashed her paycheck?

37. clear off 收拾,整理
It’s about time we clear off the desk.

38. come down (雨,雪)下起来
The heavy rain is coming down. now.

39. come in first  比赛第一名
He came in first in the 100-metre dash.