John Barrowman will play Julius Ashford Lily in ABC's GILDED LILIES pilot, according to . He joins Brian O'Byrne, Blythe Danner and more in this Shonda Rhimes show based around the first luxury hotel to open in New York City in the 1980s.

Barrowman's role is described as "mama's favorite son, who's very charming, lucky and loose," by .

'Gilded Lilys' is set in New York City in 1895 and is "an epic love story that follows the opening of the first luxury hotel in the city and the intermingling of love, treachery and disdain between the classes."

The drama "centers on wealthy blue-blood Edwin Lily (O’Byrne), a heavy hitter in New York society who, reeling from a recent family scandal, tries to revive his family’s fortunes by opening the most lavish hotel in history. Complicating things is the fact that Edwin’s beautiful daughter Violet (Sarah Bolger), engaged-to-be-married to a wealthy family friend, has fallen madly in love with a lowly ship’s servant."

John Barrowman's stage credits include SUNSET BOULEVARD, THE FIX, LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, GODSPELL, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, HAIR, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and ANYTHING GOES. Barrowman is known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness on 'Doctor Who' and 'Torchwood.' He has also released several albums, including 'Music Music Music,' 'Another Side,' and 'Swings Cole Porter.

前不久,美国Starz电视网已经确定《火炬木小组》今年不再回归,这也就意味着该剧再次被流放,我们谁也不能预言“火炬木小组”还有没有未来,毕竟它有起死回生的经历,但是短期内我们可以跟火炬木说再见了,该剧男主角儿约翰·巴罗曼已经开始为自己的未来奔跑。近日他正式加盟了由“格蕾之母”珊达·瑞姆斯(Shonda Rhimes)打造的全新的时代剧《流金世家》(Gilded Lilys)。

据悉,John将扮演百合家族的“金童”Julius Ashford Lily——一个极富魅力又很幸运的花花公子。这部剧情围绕着1895年在纽约市开张的第一家豪华酒店展开,在家族敌对的背景下,两个不同阶级的斗争与往来所有这些参杂着爱情、阴谋背叛以及污蔑中伤。《Gilded Lilys》中的Lilys正是指百合家族,一个统治了纽约上流社会几十年的庞大势力,但最近家族的一个秘密几乎可以摧毁他们以后的社会地位和经济来源。

该剧暂定的其它演员还有马特·劳瑞亚(Matt Lauria)、马特·朗(Matt Long)、布莱思·丹纳(Blythe Danner)、穆瑞·斯特灵(Maury Sterling)、布瑞吉·布拉纳(Brigid Brannagh)和玛德琳·奇玛(Madeline Zima)等。来自《绯闻女孩》的K·J·斯坦伯格(K.J.Steinberg)已经加入团队开始编写剧本了,同时和Rhimes以及Shondaland的合伙人贝斯蒂·比尔斯(Betsy Beers)共同出任监制。