The Olympic torch for the London 2012 games is hoping to bag its first gold at the annual Designs of the Year Awards. The torch was designed by Barber Osgerby and faces competition from the Olympic Velodrome stadium, and the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown.
2012年伦敦奥运会的奥运火炬有望在每年一届的英国年度设计奖上夺得第一金。火炬是由Barber Osgerby设计的,它面临来自奥林匹克室内赛车场、剑桥公爵夫人的婚纱的竞争。

This golden Olympic Torch will play a starring role at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 games. The design for the torch was opened as a competition, receiving thousands of entries. The eventual winner was the firm Barber Osgerby.
这支金色的奥运火炬将是2012年伦敦奥运会开幕式上的主角。火炬的设计是公开竞争的,收到数千件作品。最终的赢家是Barber Osgerby公司。

Edward Barber, designer of Barber Osgerby, said, "When we won the commission it was written in the press that it was the most seen piece of design ever because I think there were over a billion people watching television at the opening ceremony. So it's a very public thing and we wanted it to look incredibly good. I have to say, we're quite pleased with the outcome."
Barber Osgerby的设计师德华• 巴伯表示:“当我们赢得委托时,报纸上写着,这是史上最多人见过的设计作品,因为我认为,开幕式上有超过10亿人看电视。所以它是一件非常大众的东西,我们想让它看起来非常好。我不得不说,我们很满意这个成果。”

But the torch is not the only Olympic design up for an award, the eye-catching velodrome is also nominated for an architecture award.

Ria Hawthorn, curator of Design Museum, said, "They were inspired by the design of the bicycle so the lightness and the speed of any racing bike and they wanted to try and reflect that in the architecture. The roof has a double-curved structure which is really unusual and it's made of steel rods or wires which are suspended to create the curve of the roof."
设计博物馆馆长Ria Hawthorn称:“他们的灵感来源于自行车的设计,亮度和比赛用的自行车的速度,他们想在建筑商尝试和反映。屋顶是独特的双曲线结构,它是用钢条或金属丝制造的,悬浮着,创造出屋顶的曲线。”

The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen was the most talked-about dress of 2011, so unsurprisingly, it should be nominated for a design award. But it faces stiff competition from this colorful collection by young London designer Mary Kantrantzou. The dress features patterns from the 18th Century Chinese Qianlong dynasty ceramics and porcelain.
Alexander McQueen的Sarah Burton设计的剑桥公爵夫人的婚纱是2011年最常被谈及的服装,所以,自然地,它应该获得一项设计奖提名。但是,它面临来自年轻的伦敦设计师Mary Kantrantzou的这件多彩作品的强烈竞争。这套服装的图案来自18世纪中国乾隆时期的陶瓷。

One of the most amusing nominees is graphic artist Noma Bar's prints - all hiding a picture within a picture. Using his 20 ton pressure cutter, Bar creates strong graphics inspired by his life in north London.
最有趣的提名作品之一是平面设计师Noma Bar的图画——一张图片中藏着一张图片。Bar用了20吨的切割器,创造了强大的图形,他的灵感来源于他在伦敦北部的生活。

Noma Bar, graphic artist, said, "I like the idea of second reading so you will see something and it will take you to another story."
平面设计师Noma Bar表示:“我喜欢二次阅读的想法,所以你可以看到一些东西,它将带你进入另一个故事。”

For example, an image appears to be a night scene of the moon, but closer inspection reveals a drunk man passed out.

The 2012 Design Awards nominees are currently on show to the public at London's Design Museum. The winner will be announced on the evening of April 24th.