The CD is so abrasive that it doesn’t work.(CD磨损的厉害,不能在用了。)

If you criticize Pablo, he becomes very abrasive.(如果你批评帕布罗, 他就会变得非常粗暴。)

2)Abstain:v. 1.戒绝(喝酒)2.放弃(投票等)

His doctor ordered him to abstain from beer and wine.(他的医生嘱咐他戒酒。)

In thereferendum many people abstained.(在这次公民投票中许多人弃权。)

3)Abstention:n. 1.戒绝2.(投票)弃权

4)Abstinence:n. 禁欲,节制

Abstinence is the best medicine.(节制有度是良药。)


Don’t have cocaine abusively.(不可滥服古柯碱。)

Good manners ban abusive language anywhere.(讲礼貌就是在任何地方都不能讲粗话。)


He is plunging into an abyss of despair.(他陷入了绝望的深渊。)

7)Accede:v. 1.同意2.就职

Will you accede to her request?(你答应她的请求吗?)

When his father died,the princeacceded to the position of head of state.(父王去世后,王子继承了国家元首的职位。)


The island is accessible only by boat.(这座岛只能坐船去。)

9)Accession:n. 就职,登基

His accession to the important post was a big event.(他就任这一重要职务是一个重大事件。)

10)Acclaim:v. 欢呼,喝彩,称赞

They acclaimed the astronauts.(他们以欢呼迎接宇航员。)

It was acclaimed as a great discovery.(那被赞誉为伟大的发现。)