The right name is important in the business world. All you have to do is think of the names for some of the products you buy every day and you’ll agree that the name and the product are connected in the everyone’s mind.

In many countries, successful trade or brand names are protected by law. This is so that other companies cannot make a product and, in fact, be buying something different. Businesses register a company or a product name with the government. In fact, more than 1,000 product and company names are registered every hour. Many companies spend a lot of money to find the right name for their products. A good example of this is. In the car industry. Some successful names for cars have powerful associations (联系).The Ford Mustang and the Jaguar are only two examples of choosing the names of animals that are fast and strong.

When a U. S company decides to sell its product in another country, it has to make sure that the product name translates properly. When Coca-Cola introduced its soft drink to China, it looked for the right name. It wanted a name that would do two things. One was to present its image(形象)in Chinese and the second was to be close to its first brand name—Coke. It took some efforts before finding the right word —which sounds similar and translates as “happiness in the mouth”. Asian company names are not new to the United States. The brand names of Samsung and Sony have been successful. Finding the right brand name is a big business. Asian companies that sell to foreign markets pay to find a name that will connect with its customers. There are even naming companies that specialize in inventing product names. These companies can charge (要价)up to $100,000 a word for their creations. But it’s worth it. Successful companies know how important the right brand names are for their development.

53. Why are trade names protected by law in many countries?

A. To make companies pay for naming service.

B. To help people choose the best products

C. To present good images of the products.

D. To prevent good images from being copied

54. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Many companies care about the cost of finding the right names

B. Creative trade names can help companies to have a larger sale

C. The government often does business with naming companies

D. It is considered necessary for cars to be names after animals

55. What’s the best title for the passage?

A. The Business of Names

B. The Development of Names

C. The Rules of Naming Business

D. The Methods of Choosing Names


Reading Oliver James'Affluenza,I thought about what often happens at home.My 12-year-ole daughter is in tears."I have so take a test tomorrow.I don't understand any of it,"she cries out.After shouting and shutting her door,she calms down enough to go through her notes.The following dry I ask her how the test went and the just says"OK,I got a nine".

" done!"I say,before she finishes with "But I never get a ten!"

According to James,this obsession with getting top marks has been a bad development,which encourages people to think of education in terms of work and money.To test this,I asked my daughter why she was so worried about her tests.She looked at me as if I was thick."Well,if I don't get good grades,I won't be able to afford nice things like a car and stuff."

I was quite surprised,because I don't consider myself a pushy parent.But James suggests and it leaves students feeling failures even if they are very bright.He points to the Danish system(体制)of education as a better model.Creating happy citizens who have good social skills is seen as more important than high achievements at school or the needs of business.

For me,I cannot remember the last time I had to work out the area of a circle,recite a Shakespeare poem or grammar rules,yet I have lived a happy life.What I really needed to learn at school was how to make polite conversations,or how to avoid getting into debt or how to develop good personality.

This is in fact similar to what Oliver James really has in mind.And he is looking for schools where students are encouraged to find and follow their own interests,something more like Tongjon.Tongjon has been developed in some Korean private schools.It is quite different from the more rigid system of learning things by heart that is used in Korea,and indeed in many other school systems around the world.

As the Russian poet Pushkin said,"Inspiration(灵感)is needed in geometry(几何学)just as much as in poetry ",and inspiration does not come from endlessly revising for tests or getting worried about them .

56.What does the writer probably think of his/her daughter?

A.She sets herself a goal too high to reach.

B.She should be more polite to her parents.

C.Sheis hard-working but not very bright.

D.She takes her grades much too seriously.

57.What does the word "obsession"in paragraph 3 mean?

A.A plain and unavoidable fact.

B.A satisfied and very proud state.

C.A practical and widely-used way.

D.A fixed and often unreasonable idea.

58.What can we infer from the passage?

A.Social skills are as important as high grades.

B.Interest in grades can shake self-confidence.

C.The writer regrets not having studied hard at school.

D. Danish educational system is for very smart students.

59.The writer wants to tell us that____.

ng happily is the key to self-development.

B. top marks may be helpful to increase one's interest.

C. tests should be improved to give children inspiration.

ion should meet one's needs for word and money.