1. See/hear/feel/notice/look at/listen to sb. do sth. 看见/听见/感觉/注意某人作某事(一看二听三使役)

eg: Lord, hear my prayer. 主啊,请听听我的祈祷吧。

We should listen closely to the outspoken criticisms. 我们应该仔细倾听直言不讳的批评。

2. Make/let/have sb. do sth. 使/让某人做某事

eg: To make it stand, you wet it! 要让它站得直,你必须湿润它!

3. Help sb. (to) do sth/with sth. 帮助某人做某事

eg: I helped him (to) find his wallet. 我帮他找到了他丢失的钱包。

4. Had better (not) do sth. 最好(不)做某事

eg: You had better not have done so. 你没有这样做,那就最好啦。

5. Why don't you/not do sth. 为什么不做某事

eg: Why don't you get her a scarf? 你为什么不给她买一条围巾呢?

6. Would/Will/Could you please (not) do sth. 请你(不)做某事好吗?

eg: Will you please call me a taxi? 请你给我叫一辆出租车好吗?

Could you please show me way? 请您给我指一指路,好吗?