One day a King's son came to the nearby village.

"Legend says," an old man was speaking in the village square. "Legend says that the Princess lies asleep behind that great briar hedge just outside the village In my grandfather's day, you could see the topmost turret of her tower, so they say."

The Prince stopped to listen. "Where can I find this hedge ?"he asked.

"Just beyond the village, young sir, "said the old man. "If you're going to try, you'll need more luck than the other young men who have had a go."

"I shall try," said the Prince. "We have heard of Sleeping Beauty in my kingdom."

The Prince went to the hedge and held up his sword. He went to strike at the hedge, but where his sword met the thorns, great roses bloomed instead. A path opened for him, for the one hundred years were up. The curse was lifting.

The hedge seemed to disappear before him.

He went through into the palace grounds, walking past the sleeping rabbits, birds and butterflies, and the gardeners at their work. The kitchens were full of cooks and maids who hadn't moved for a hundred years -- They were all fast asleep. Even the King and Queen who were seated at the table in the Great Hall were sleeping soundly!

The Prince walked on through the palace, making his way to the tallest tower where he climbed the stairs and entered the tower room.

There on the bed he saw Briar Rose fast asleep.

"She is so lovely," he said, He had fallen completely in love with her. "How can I wake her?"

He leant over and gently kissed her.

Briar Rose's eyelids flickered and she woke up. The first person she saw was the Prince and she fell in love with him.

Together they walked down to the Great Hall. The King and Queen were just waking up, when the Prince and Briar Rose entered.

The cooks in the kitchen woke up to carry on preparing the food and the chambermaids carried on with their work.

The party was still to be held, but it was an engagement party instead of a birthday party. The Prince and Briar Rose were to be married.

The hedge disappeared and the village saw the palace again and realised the legend had been true.

The bad fairy was never heard of again.