drill sergeant ordered two young female recruits to paint a room in the barracks, stressing that they not get any paint on their uniforms. Doubtful they could avoid ruining their clothes, the women locked the door, stripped naked and painted in nude. After about an hour they heard a knock at the door . "Who is it?" asked one of the women.

"Blind man, "came the reply.

Seeing no harm in letting a blind man in, they opened the door.

"Wow, what knockouts!" the man said with surprise. "Now, where do you want these blinds?"


(1) drill n .军事训练;操练如: The soldiers were at drill in the barrack square.兵士们在营房的操场上操练。

(2) sergeant n.中士

(3) recruits n.新兵

(4) barracks n.兵营;营房如:The barracks are quite new.那些营房相当新。

(5) doubtful adj.怀疑的;不能确定的

(6) ruin v.使毁灭;使败坏