To prevent our dog, Lacy, from pestering visitors to our house, my mother often massaged her as she lounged beneath the kitchen table, her favorite resting spot. One day a contractor came over to talk about a home-improvement project. 

As he and my mother sat across the table discussing the renovations, my mother slipped off her shoes and mindlessly soothed Lacy with her feet. 

My mother had been talking for about a half-hour when to her great embarrassment she heard Lacy bark outside the front door.


(1) prevent (from)v.避免;阻止

(2) pester v.使苦恼;困扰

(3) massage v.按摩;揉捏

(4) lounge v.懒洋洋地坐着或站着

(5) contractor n.承包商

(6) improvement n.改进;改善

(7) renovation n.修复;修理

(8) slip off滑脱;掉

(9) mindlessly adv.不注意地