Who's this under a guardsman’s bearskin hat? Actually, it’s elementary my dear Watson – anyone could spot Sherlock Holmes in that disguise.

小编注:(it’s) elementary my dear Watsons 是福尔摩斯的著名台词,但这句话并非出自柯南道尔原著,而是出自1929年电影《福尔摩斯归来》。

These Sunday People pictures show actor Benedict Cumberbatch looking like he had the Hound of the Baskervilles on his head this week as he filmed his third series featuring the legendary detective.

小编注:The Hound of the Baskervilles:《巴斯克维尔的猎犬》是柯南道尔最得意的长篇杰作之一,堪称福尔摩斯探案故事的代表作。

Benedict, 36, was assisted by real soldiers as he shot scenes at Apsley House, the former London home of the Duke of Wellington.

Benedict, who has also starred in blockbuster movies including War Horse, has been filming the new Holmes series for the BBC since March, to be screened later this year.

He said: “I think they’re talking about the winter to show it. Around Christmas, but I’m not quite sure when.”

At least this scene is far less daring than one episode in which Benedict was spotted leaping from the roof of St Bart’s hospital in London in front of arch-enemy Professor Moriarty.

He recently said of Holmes: “His appeal is universal. He’s the ultimate outsider hero. He’s a very difficult, odd entity. He’s got a God complex. He suspects he’s not human and therefore everyone else is just a let-down to him.”