By now, "Downton Abbey" fans, you've may have started the grieving process over the lovable Matthew, whose life was taken in an automobile accident during the Season 3 finale. But the show is moving on full speed.

"Downton" creators began auditioning actors to play a new love interest for Lady Mary earlier this year, since the show starts filming Season 4 this spring. And now U.K. newspaper the Mirror says it knows one of the men on the shortlist.
今年早些时候有消息说《唐顿庄园》的制片人正在试镜Lady Mary的新爱人,因为第四季将会在今年春季开拍。现在的最新消息是,应该《镜报》报道,他们收到消息有一个人很有可能成为Lady Mary的新情人。

Tom Ellis, of BBC sitcom "Miranda," is reportedly one of the top choices to play Mary's new man. He's a 33-year-old Brit who gained a legion of female fans from his work on the U.K. comedy series.
在BBC喜剧《Miranda》中出演的Tom Ellis是扮演Lady Mary爱人演员名单上的首选人员。这位英国演员今年33岁,在英国喜剧届拥有大批女粉丝。

U.S. viewers might also know Ellis from the BBC series "Merlin" or the 2001 Joaquin Phoenix movie "Buffalo Soldiers."