As the holiday season upon us, Pepsi is looking to cash in with some limited edition beverages. Those in Japan can look forward to a new cake-flavored soda with the “Christmas Cola.”

In Japan, Christmas is often celebrated with cake, traditionally covered with whipped cream and filled with strawberries.

According to the drink's official release, Pepsi Christmas Cola was created in the image of Japanese holiday cake.

Pepsi in turned used this as inspiration for its flavor, boasting a sweet and tart strawberry aroma in a white cola, reminiscentof the creamy holiday sweets.
百事利用此蛋糕口味作为灵感来源,创造出一款香甜草莓蛋糕气息的白色可乐, 营造出一种甜蜜浓郁的节日氛围。

Pepsi's “Christmas Cola” is set to go on sale in Japan November 21. Expect the flavor to be available for a limited time only.

Do you plan on grabbing the cake-flavored cola?