After a rainy winter follows fruitful spring . 今冬雨水足来春果满枝。

One swallow does not make a spring . 孤燕不报春。

A year's plan starts with spring. 一年之计在于春。

A single flower does not make a spring .一花独放不是春,百花齐放春满园。

If Winter comes, can spring be far behind? 如果冬天来了, 春天还会远吗?

Spring sun devil, do the summer fog: Spring fog will clear up, summer fog will flood disaster.春曝死鬼,夏雾做大水:春天降雾会放晴,夏天降雾会雨涝成灾。

The beginning of spring to spring: spring after Reviver, paddy fields, ponds and other water evaporates, express the world spring has come.立春赶春气:立春之后万象回春,稻田池塘等水面开始蒸发,明示世人春天已降临。

The first fall two powder, the third fall half: first day such as rain, the second is cleared, the third if rain will fall fifteen. Difficult to estimate.初一落初二散,初三落月半:初一如下雨,初二则会放晴,初三若下雨则会落到十五。难估计。

The rain poured lantern lights, sun Tomb Sweeping Day: Shangyuan day rain, Qingming will clear up雨浇上元灯,日晒清明日:上元日下雨,清明定放晴

Beginning of spring rain to clear: spring, if it rains, until before the Qing Ming Festival will be rainy. Spring like weather does not rain, especially avoid thunder.立春落雨至清明:立春日若下雨,直到清明前都会多雨。春喜晴不喜雨,尤忌打雷。