. Bad luck always comes in threes. 祸不单行。
. Bad news travels fast. 坏事传千里。
. Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing. 择友宜慎,弃之宜更慎。
. Be slow to promise and quick to perform. 重诺守信。
. Be swift to hear, slow to speak. 多听少说。
. Beauty is but skin-deep. 不可以貌取人。
. Beauty is truth, truth beauty. 美即是真,真即是美。
. Better a little fire to warm us, than a great fire to burn us. 宁要小火暖身,不要大火灼人。
. Better a little loss than a long sorrow. 宁可作点牺牲,不要长久悲痛。
. Better ask twice than lose your way once. 问路两次胜过迷路一次。
. Better be sure than sorry. 要安全,不要危险。
. Better early than late. 宁早勿迟。
. Better late than never. 这到总比不到强。
. Better lost than found. 宁可丢掉,不愿找到。(常针对不喜欢的人或物。)
. Better safe than sorry. 安全胜过遗憾。
. Better small fish than empty dish. 盘中小鱼胜无鱼。
. Better the last smile than the first laughter. 笑在前不如笑在后。
. Better to ask the way than go astray. 多问不吃亏。
. Better to be safe than sorry. 安全胜过遗憾。
. Better to do well than to say well. 嘴勤不如手勤。
. Better to have than wish. 现有胜过心想。
. Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚,人以群分。
. Bite off more than one can chew. 贪多嚼不烂。
. Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。
. Books and friends should be few but good. 择友如藏书,皆宜少而精。
. Both together do best of all. 人心齐,泰山移。
. Busiest men find the most time. 最忙的人时间最多。
. Business before pleasure. 先工作,后娱乐。
. Business is business. 生意是生意,交情归交情。
. By doing nothing we learn to do ill. 一闲生百邪。
. By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn. 教学相长。
. By reading we enrich the mind; by conversation we polish it. 读书益智,交谈搏彩。
. By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall. 团结则存,分裂则亡。