--: Weak pulse, but tachycardic -- BP is 70/30. Shallow respiration, 

signs of internal asphyxia. Convulsions -- guy's having a seizure.

Reese: ____1____ You have foam in your nose and your mouth. 

It's hydrocyanic acid. Now, they're going to find us in four minutes. 

I can save you, but you need to talk. What did Kohl come for? 

Why is he after all of you?

--: Kohl was killing their informants. The Americans wanted him gone. 

Reese: So you gave them Kohl.

--: They offered us a new life. We traded Ulrich.

Reese: You were his team, his friends.

You can't breathe.
脉搏微弱,心跳过速,血压70/30,呼吸急促,症状显示内部窒息,出现抽搐,癫痫发作了。 你无法呼吸。鼻腔跟口腔里满是泡沫。是氰化物。他们四分钟后就能找到我们。我能救你 但是你得跟我坦白。科尔为何而来?为什么他要追杀你们所有人? 科尔杀了向美国提供消息的人,美国人要他消失。 于是你们就交出了科尔。 他们许诺给我们新的生活。我们就出卖了乌里希。 你们是他的队友,他的朋友。