Gangnam Style rapper Psy was mobbed by screaming fans as he arrived in London today before heading to Oxford Union to give a speech.
当地时间11月7日,凭一曲《江南Style》风靡世界的韩国歌手Psy 应牛津辩论社的邀请,前往牛津大学发表演讲。鸟叔抵达伦敦时受到疯狂粉丝的热烈欢迎。

The 34-year-old South Korean, whose music video is the second most watched YouTube clip in history, is the first east Asian pop star to address the historic organisation.

The speech will be Psy's first public address in English, and he has picked the perfect venue - an organisation that Harold Macmillan once called 'the last bastion of free speech in the Western world'.

The union, which exists independently from Oxford University and its students' union, has previously  welcomed high-profile figures from Jimmy Carter to Michael Jackson to speak to its members.

Psy, whose full name is Park Jae-sang, travelled from Paris by Eurostar and said he was visiting the UK for three days.

He stopped briefly to pose for photographers and sign autographs at St Pancras station in a sleeveless leather jacket, cropped trousers and yellow-rimmed sunglasses.

He said it was 'really exciting' to be in the UK and 'a great feeling' to be greeted by so many people.
鸟叔表示“非常兴奋” 可以来到英国,受到这么多人的欢迎“感觉很棒”。

The rapper became a worldwide sensation when his humorous single Gangnam Style single shot to number one in the UK in September.