Public mourning was held on Saturday morning in Southwest China's Sichuan province for those who died in a 7.0-magnitude quake a week ago.

The public mourning began with all transportation vehicles sounding their sirens at 8:02 am, the time the devastating earthquake hit on April 20, and was followed by a silent tribute of 3 minutes.

The quake has claimed nearly 200 lives and destroyed about 126,000 homes, according to official figures.

On Friday, the National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a statement that 1,516 wounded people, including 43 terminally-ill patients and 69 severe cases, are being treated in hospital in Sichuan.

More than 1.5 billion yuan has been allocated to quake victims, with 10 yuan and 0.5 kilograms of grain distributed daily to each person.

More than 87,000 tents, 233,000 quilts, 25,000 items of clothing and 3,393 tons of food have been provided by local governments. And 426 medical centers and 1,015 relocation sites have been set up as of Friday.

China's beverage maker JDB Group has announced a donation of 100 million yuan to Lushan, the largest donation thus far from any company in China.

Shu Yuhui, chairman of the Quan Jian Natural Medicine Science and Technology Development Co Ltd, also made a donation of 100 million yuan, making it the largest individual contribution for earthquake relief efforts.


为悼念地震遇难同胞(compatriot),四川省政府决定2013年4月27日为全省哀悼日(mourning day )。当天,四川省停止公共娱乐活动(recreational activities),上午8点02分,四川省各地汽车、船舶鸣笛,防空警报鸣响,人民默哀3分钟。





Chinese funeral has several main traditions. There are Buddhist ceremonies that last at least for 49 days. First 7 days are believed to be the most important. Prayers are said every 7 days for 49 days. If a family of the deceased is poor this period can be short, lasting for only 3 days.