Part 1 English to Chinese Interpreting
Passage 1
The torrent of innovation and entrepreneurship sweeping China has become a new engine fueling China's economic growth, and in this process capital has played an indispensable role. People ask me about which areas will create new leaders, and therefore, attract more attentions for investors? Well, there are indeed industrial leaders in almost every visible segment. But when it comes to the new economy, newcomers always stand a chance of defeating those first arrivals. From my point of view, opportunities exist in at least three areas.
stand a chance of:有机会。
First, there are plenty of opportunities in a niche market. For instance, is a leading general e-commerce website, and there are many other e-commerce platforms focused on selling one particular type of product such as cosmetics or baby products. Second, opportunities exist along the industrial chain of e-commerce. Taking Amazon for example, it's a business-to-customer website where third-party sellers are invited to open stores. Solving cross border logistics problems Customs, storage, logistics and other industrial chain for Amazon sellers could be huge business.
1.niche market.这类术语在市场学当中非常常见,不属于专门词汇,应该在平日多多积累。
2.Customs, storage, logistics and other industrial chain:均属于经济学常用词汇,最近在媒体上出现得相当频繁,经常听听李克强总理的记者招待会,可以积累大量此类热点词汇
Third, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, new location-based and social-based opportunities will pop up. For example, taxi-hailing apps Uber, Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache are areas that Internet giants once overlooked or failed to cover. Investment opportunities on TMT (telecommunication, media and technology) area will exist in at least the above-mentioned three areas. New areas such as big data and cloud computing will churn out plenty of opportunities as well. These are all investment directions for us, with unlimited room for development.
To answer what new business model I am interested, personally, I favor three types of business start-ups—those with a hi-tech barrier, those with an innovative business model and those with established skills in a certain segment.  The first and third types are easy to understand, but the second one could be a little tricky. Basically, a company has to create a completely new model to enter a potentially huge market. I would be really interested in this kind of business start-ups.
知识点: start-ups:创新企业,也属于热点词汇。
2.those with a hi-tech barrier, those with an innovative business model and those with established skills in a certain segment. 我倾向于三类新商家,拥有高技术壁垒的,拥有创新商业模式的以及在某个领域拥有成型技术的。
3.little tricky:结合上下文翻译为“难以理解”,还可以根据其它上下文翻译为“困难”、“棘手”
People asked me when a revenue model is absent at the early stage, how can you tell whether a company is worth investing in? A sound and good revenue model is an essential issue in the investment world, however, we have found a paradox in both Chinese and U.S. markets. Many Internet giants either didn't have one clear revenue model at the early stage, or they had one but changed to a different model as it grew. We should never rule out a project arbitrarily when its revenue model is absent or unclear.
1.or they had one but changed to a different model as it grew.:这种句子在听力上会有一定挑战,需要记住 one 指得是“revenue model”,平常在训练和说话过程中要有意识地模仿这种指代方式。
2.Rule out:排除在外
This is of course the difficult part of a venture capitalist. but is also the most attractive part in this job. This is a must-have quality in the investment world. That's what sorts outstanding professional venture capitalists from lame ones. As a matter of fact, the management  team matters more at the early stage. I believe an excellent team has a strong ability to cash in on what it has to offer. It can take the company to success.
对于风险投资人来说,这无疑是最困难的部分,但也是这项工作最有吸引力的部分。在投资领域,这也是必备的素质。这也是将优秀投资人同蹩脚的投资人区别开来的标准。实际上,在早期,管理团队更加重要 ,我认为一支优秀团队应该能够兑现他们提出的承诺。这样的团队才能带领公司走向成功。
must-have quality必备的素质
lame ones蹩脚的投资人
cash in on what it has to offer兑现他们提出的承诺
It can take the company to success.注意此处的it 指代的是team
Some people say there are bubbles in the technology industry in China, and that the bubbles may soon burst. Personally, I think bubbles in this area are quite obvious. at the valuation of some tech firms is way too high. Meanwhile, whenever a new concept appears within a sector, it will become very crowded, intensifying competition or even resulting in cutthroat competition. As a result, both investors and entrepreneurs become more anxious, this is the case especially during 2014. But the market has restored some of its rationality since 2015. Overheating does exist in the venture capital market. It's mostly because there's too much hot money available in the market, but not so many investment channels.
有人认为中国的技术产业存在泡沫,这些泡沫有破裂的危险。我个人以为,泡沫是非常明显的。有些技术公司的价值被远远高估了。同时,每当一个新理念出现在一个领域中,这个领域就变得十分拥挤,竞争非常激烈,甚至变得非常残酷。因此,投资人与企业家都变得更为焦虑,这种情况在2014年特别严重,而在2015年,市场在一定程度上回归于理性。风险投资市场的确存在过热情况 但主要是因为这一市场中热钱过去,但投资渠道不足。
Passage 2
We have come together to lend our voices to the growing global effort to combat the illegal wildlife trade - a trade that has reached such unprecedented levels of killing and related violence that it now poses a grave threat not only to the survival of some of the world's most treasured species, but also to economic and political stability in many areas around the world. I have said before, that we must treat the illegal wildlife trade as a battle because the rising and insatiable demands have provided an economic incentive for trafficking of the wild animals. It has become increasingly criminalized and professional.
1.lend our voices不宜直译,简译为呼吁即可
2.the rising and insatiable demands have provided an economic incentive for trafficking of the wild animals这个句子信息密度比较大,需要记录时笔记有良好的结构。
Organized bands of criminals are stealing and slaughtering elephants, rhinos and tigers, as well as large numbers of other species, in a way that has never been seen before, pushing many species to the brink of extinction. They are taking these animals using the sophisticated weapons of war - assault rifles, silencers, night vision equipment and helicopters. Unarmed park rangers are no match for these organized gangs and high-powered equipment. Tragically, many brave rangers have lost their lives while trying to save those of the animals.
Unarmed park rangers are no match for these organized gangs and high-powered equipment.这是一个非常常见的说法,关键要能听懂 no match for. 
I hope you share with my belief that it is shocking that future generations may know a world without these magnificent animals and the habitat upon which they depend. This year, I have become even more devoted to protecting the resources of the Earth for not only my own son but also the other children of his generation to enjoy. I want them to be able to experience the same Africa that I did as a child. It is, of course, even more important for each child growing up in countries where these animals live. It is nothing less than immoral that they are losing their birthright to fuel the greed of international criminals.
2.I want them to be able to experience the same Africa that I did as a child. 我希望他们将来同样能看到我儿时看到的非洲。这个句子的逻辑很绕,但听明白后用自己的话说出来并不太费力,学员听时应该保持冷静,不要急躁,也不需要过度贴近原文。
3.It is nothing less than immoral that they are losing their birthright to fuel the greed of international criminals. 这个句子中的lose to, birthright,fuel the greed of都是比较难于理解的,只有在判断正确的基础上,才能形成良好的对策。
My profound belief is that humanity is less than humanity without the rest of creation: the destruction of these endangered species will diminish us all. Allow me just to give you some sense of the scale of the problem with a few staggering numbers: More than 30,000 elephants were killed last year-amounting to nearly 100 deaths per day. In the past ten years, sixty-two per cent of African forest elephants have been lost. If this rate continues, the forest elephant will be extinct within ten years. As recently as 100 years ago, there were as many as 100,000 wild tigers living in Asia. Today, there are believed to be fewer than 3,200 left in the wild.
我坚定地认为,如果没有其它生物存在,人性也就不成其为人性。毁灭这些濒危物种会令我们大家的人性受到伤害。请允许我通过一些惊人的数据,向大家解释这一问题的严重程度 :去年,有近3万头大象被猎杀,相当中一天死亡一百只。过去十年间,非洲丛林象减少了百分之六十二,如果这一速度持续下去,丛林象将会在十年内灭绝。仅仅一百年之前,亚洲野生虎还有近十万只,而现在,野外据估计只有三千二百只了。
1.humanity is less than humanity without the rest of creation:这个句子中的less可以翻译为削弱,或者不成其为人性。要注意进行有效转化。
2.Allow me just to give you some sense of the scale of the problem with a few staggering numbers: scale of the problem转译为严重程度比较符合汉语表达习惯。
Despite the terrible crisis that we now face, we continue to be optimistic that the tide can be reversed. We have been so impressed by the brilliant work already being done on the ground to improve enforcement in consumer countries to stop the demand for wildlife products. We are also extremely encouraged that this issue is now starting to receive the attention it deserves at the highest levels of governments. It is especially heartening that many African leaders are proactively developing plans of action and seeking solutions.
这个段落中的 impressed, encouraged 和heartening其实都是一个意思,因此在翻译时可以打破英文的原来结构进行灵活处理。
We are hopeful that this meeting will lead to tangible results on the ground, Neither governments, international organizations, nor private companies, can tackle this enormous task alone. It will take action from all of us to beat back this highly organized criminal activity. In the face of such a threat, it is natural to feel powerless, but I have seen the extraordinary impact of advances in protection on the ground, and the power of social media in reducing demand for these products. Each one of us can help by raising our voices to support them. We have to be the generation that stopped the illegal wildlife trade, and secured the future of these magnificent animals, and their habitats, for if we fail, it will be too late.
Part 2 Chinese to English Interpreting
Passage 1
In recent years, the Chinese economy is slowing down. To address this issue, the Chinese government rolled out the reform on the supplying side in 2015. The reform, while receiving much attention from the international community, also aroused some misunderstandings. Why did China enforce this policy? 
rolled out是一个比较口语的说法,也可以说enforce. 
Here I want to emphasize that the current reform China takes on its supplying side is completely different from the supplying side economics carried out in U.S and Great Britain in the 1980s. One of the major measures for American reform is to have great tax reductions, while Britain is privatizing the state-owned enterprises. For China, however, the goals and measures of the reform are totally different.  
中国当前经济增长面临的一大问题所有生产领域内都存在产能过剩的问题, 钢铁和煤炭行业尤为突出。 2015年,中国的钢铁产量超过8亿吨,煤产量接近40亿吨,都远远大于需求,这导致这两个行业亏损严重。占用了大量的能源和资源,削减了总体效益。 但另一方面,中国又存在有效供给严重不足的问题。比如,消费者需要高端和高质量的消费品,但国内又满足不了,结果出现大量国内消费者到国外购物,买电饭锅,甚至抽水马桶的现象。仅2015年一年,中国消费者在海外花了2000多亿美元购买消费品。
One of the outstanding problems facing the Chinese economic growth is the overcapacity in practically every sector of industry, particularly in steel and coal. 
In 2015, the volume of steel and iron exceeded 800 million tons and coal production is close to 4 billion tons. Both are far greater than the demand. The overproduction lead to serious losses in the two industries and high consumption of resource and energy. Hence it affects the overall economic benefit. On the other hand, China also suffers from grave insufficiency of effective supply. For instance, the domestic consumers demands higher-end quality goods, which can hardly be provided within the country. Therefore, many Chinese consumers turn to the goods overseas. Their shopping list includes electric cookers and even toilet bowls. In 2015 alone, Chinese people’s expenditure on overseas merchandize amounts to more than 200 billion US dollars.
In this light, China’s reform on supplying side is to slash the overcapacity and increase effective supply. In the coming five years, China will cut the producing capacity of steel by 150 million tons and coal by 500 million tons. At the same time, the Chinese government will take a series of measures to encourage the innovation of the Chinese enterprises. With regard to the production of higher-end products in response to the need of the consumers, the government will invest more than 50 billion U.S dollars. In the meantime, the government will also provide effective supply in the areas of education, health, senior pensions and tourism.  I am convinced that these measures will secure Chinese economy with a stable and long term development.  
Passage 2
Man and nature are all part of the world we live in. Man is the great achievement of nature while nature provides the surroundings in which man lives. Friendly and harmonious coexistence between man and nature is the prerequisite for the sustainable development of human society. If man should exploit and transform nature in a destructive way, nature will inevitably respond in kind. Since the dawn of large-scale industrialization in the world, material wealth created by man has been growing at an unprecedented speed while havoc never seen before has been wrecked to our ecological environment as well as natural resources. History and reality warns us that man must conscientiously strive to live in harmony with nature and our development must be pursued in parallel with ecological improvement.
The key to sustainable development lies in balanced economic and social development and environmental protection.  We must persist in pursuing economic growth and environmental protection at the same time in a bid to provide a sound environment as a public good to our people and build a modernized China enjoying ecological progress. The experience of various countries has shown that the needs for economic development and for environmental protection are not necessarily irreconcilable as long as a rational and green development approach is pursued. We must respect and protect nature, follow its course, and find a sustainable path of development characterized by enhanced production, prosperous life and sound environment.
1.我们要坚持在发展中保护、在保护中发展,把良好生态环境作为公共产品向全民提供: We must persist in pursuing economic growth and environmental protection at the same time in a bid to provide a sound environment as a public good to中文常常存在这种两件事物互为因果的结构,翻译时容易不伦不类,参考译文的处理方式值得借鉴。
2.努力走出一条生产发展、生活富裕、生态良好的文明发展道路。find a sustainable path of development characterized by enhanced production, prosperous life and sound environment.这个句子的精华在于characterized by,如果修饰成为过多,过重,一般不使用with,而是用一个分词与修饰词连接,显得比较符合英语习惯。
We live in a damaged natural environment, but as we say in China, it is never too late to make amends. We must take timely remedial measures to address the deteriorating environment. The Geneva Lake in Switzerland, which was once heavily polluted and which now shines like a pearl of the Alpes thanks to active treatment and strict protection. China started to vigorously implement the project of restoring farmland to forests at the beginning of the 21st century and now more than 25 million hectares of wasteland and hillsides are covered by vegetation. These examples tell us that environmental rehabilitation should now be a basic key project and figure prominently in our economic and social development. 
Over-exploitation and inefficient utilization, however, is a major cause of environmental degradation. According to the statistics of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year during production, circulation and consumption guzzles up a volume of water three times the annual flow of Russia's Volga River and is responsible for 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. It has thus become a pressing task facing all countries to transform the model of ecological resources utilization through reform and achieve conserving production and consumption through institutional and technological innovation. 

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