1. Other models exist that are hybrids of these three, such as delayed open-access, where journals allow only subscribers to read a paper for the first six months, before making it freely available to everyone who wishes to see it.

2. The bodies playing major professional sports have changed dramatically over the years, and managers have been more than willing to adjust team uniforms to fit the growing numbers of bigger, longer frames.

3. For example, changes in the economy that lead to fewer job opportunities for youth and rising unemployment in general make gainful employment increasingly difficult to obtain.

4. As a linguist, he acknowledges that all varieties of human languages, including non-standard ones like Black English, can be powerfully expressive—there exits no language or dialect in the world that cannot convey complex ideas.

5. Studies of both animals and humans have shown that sex hormones somehow affect the stress response, causing females under stress to produce more of the trigger chemicals than do males under the same conditions.

6. Some attributed virtually every important cultural achievement to the inventions of a few, especially gifted peoples that, according to diffusionists, then spread to other cultures.

7. More, recently, while examining housing construction, the researchers discovered that illiterate, non-English-speaking Mexican workers in Houston, Texas, consistently met best-practice labor productivity standards despite the complexity of the building industry's work.

8. This DNA can reveal genetic information about only one or two ancestors, even though, for example, just three generations back people also have six other great-grandparents or, four generations back, 14 other great-great-grandparents.
举例来说,只要上溯三代,一个人就会有八个曾父母,或者上溯四代,就会有十六位曾曾祖父母,即便如此,这种 DNA 只能揭示一到两位祖先的基因信息。

9. Sexual confusion, economic frustrations, and religion hope—all came together in a decisive moment when he opened the bible, told his father that the first line he saw would settle his fate, and read the magical words: "Come out from among them, touch no unclean thing." and I will be your God and you shall be my people.

10. Besides the ninety or so learned ministers who came to Massachusetts church in the decade after 1926, there were political leaders like John Winthrop, an educated gentleman, lawyer, and official of the Crown before he journeyed to Boston.
除了大约九十位左右在 1692 年之后的十年间来到马塞诸塞教堂的博学的牧师之外,还有像约翰·温斯洛普这样的政治领袖。在来波士顿之前,他是一位受过高等教育的绅士、律师,同时还是皇室的官员。