1-2,Yes , As I look back the world I left behind, it all so clear to me, the beauty that wait to be unwilled , the mystery that long uncovered , but people so rarely stop to take a look, they just keep moving, it's the shame really , there are so much to seeing .

3. Yes I remember the world every detail , and what I remember most is how afraid I was , what a waste , you see , to live in fear, is not to live at all. I wish I could tell this who those I leave behind ,but it would do any good? Probably not, I understand know, there will be always who face their fears , and there always be those who run away。

4-5. People by their very nature are always on the lookout for intruders , trying to prevent those on the outside from getting in , But there will always be those who force their way into our lives, just as there will be those we invite in, But that the most troubling of all , will be once you stand on the outside looking in , the ones we never truly get to know.

6.The search for power begins when we are quite young. As children, we are taught that the power of good triumphs the power of evil, But as we get older, we realized that nothing is ever that simple. Traces of evil always remain.

7. Competition , it means different things to different people. But whether to friendly rivalry, or fight to the death . The end result is the same . There will be winners, and there will be losers, Of course the trick is , to know which battles to fight, you see, no victory comes without a price.

8. there is a widely-read book that tells us everyone is sinner. Of course, not everyone feels guilt over the bad things they do . in contrast , there are those who assume more than their share of the blame , there are others who soothe their consciences with small eggs of kindness. or by telling themselves their sins were justified. Finally there are the ones who simply vow to do better next time. And pray for forgiveness , some times there prayers are answered.

9. People are complicated creatures. On the one hand able to perform great acts of charity ,on the other , capable of the most underhanded forms of betrayal, it is a constant battle that rages within all of us ,because the better angels of our nature, and the temptation of our sinner demons, and sometimes the only way to ward off darkness, is to share a light of compassion.

10. trust is a fragile thing, once earned , it affords us tremendous freedom, but once trust is lost , it can be impossible to recover, of course ,the truth is we never know who we can trust , those we ‘re closest to can betray us , and total strangers can come to our rescue ,in the end, most people decide to only trust themselves, it really way is the simplest way , to keep from getting burned.

11. We are all search for some one , the special person that who are provide us are missing in our lives, some one who can offer compassion ship, or resistance or security , and sometimes if we search very hard we can find someone who provide ourselves, with all three, yes for all searching for someone, and if we can’t find them , we can only pray, they will find us.

12.Death is inevitable, it’s a promise made to each of us at birth , but before that promise is kept, we all hope something will happen to us, whether the thrill of romance, the joy of raising a family, or the anguish of great loss, we all hope experience something that makes our lives meaningful, but the sad fact is not all lives have meaning ,some people spend their time on this planet just sitting on the sidelines, waiting for something to happen to them, before it’s too late.