[00:00.00]Page 10
[00:16.82]Unit 3
[00:18.76]What can you feel?
[00:20.51]Look and say
[00:23.67]This is a donkey.
[00:25.65]This is its tail.
[00:28.76]Can you see?
[00:31.11]No,I can't.
[00:33.30]Feel the donkey.
[00:36.04]Put the tail on the donkey.
[00:41.16]Page 11
[00:43.62]Ask and answer
[00:46.15]S1:Touch the window.Feel it.Is it hot?Is it cold?'
[01:03.45]Page 12
[01:05.59]Read and tick
[01:08.07]Danny,put your pencil in the bag.
[01:14.08]Kitty,put your balloon in the bag.
[01:20.50]Eddie,put your rubber in the bag.
[01:27.50]Alice,put your ruler in the bag.
[01:33.72]Peter,put your hands in the bag.
[01:40.60]touch one it.
[01:46.42]How does it feel?
[01:48.36]It's big.It's round.It's smooth.It's soft.
[02:00.58]What is it?
[02:02.59]It's balloon.
[02:04.24]Whose balloon is this?
[02:07.66]It's Kitty's balloon.
[02:11.29]Page 13
[02:14.14]Read and answer
[02:15.18]Where is Kitty's rabbit?
[02:17.53]This is my rabbit.
[02:21.53]Where's my rabbit?
[02:27.51]Is it in your desk?No!
[02:31.46]Is it under your desk?No!
[02:38.48]Is it in this bag?No,that's Peter's bag.
[02:45.30]My rabbit's soft and smooth.It's white.
[02:52.83]Look!It's on your chair.
[02:56.04]You're sitting on your rabbit.
[03:00.66]Learn the sound
[03:06.04]there is a glass in Miss fang's classroom.
[03:13.78]Now listen!