[00:00.00]Side B page 25 Module 3 Places and activities
[00:09.30]Unit 1 My school
[00:13.74]Look and say
[00:17.11]What's this?It's my school.
[00:24.37]Is this a classroom?No,it's the hall.
[00:33.20]my school the hall the toilet the library
[00:43.36]the office the playground a classroom
[00:51.41]page 26 Listen and act
[00:57.26]Stand up.Sit down.Hands up.Hands down.
[01:09.41]Open your books.Close your book.
[01:17.27]Clap your hands.Wave your hand.
[01:25.94]page 27 Play a matching game
[01:33.49]one ,two ,three, four, five, six,seven, eight,nine, ten
[01:56.66]Pictures, blackboard, desks ,chairs ,bags ,
[02:10.01]books,windows,pencils ,rulers, pens, crayons
[02:27.67]Two.Two desks.Good.
[02:33.13]Learn the sounds a cake cat
[02:41.80]page 28 Unit 2 Shopping
[02:48.15]Look and say
[02:51.10]Eight ice-creams.please,Kitty.
[02:55.86]Here you are,Mum.Thank you.
[03:00.53]Shopping list
[03:03.69]4 apples 6 bananas 3 biscuits
[03:13.85]5 pears 8 ice-creams 10 flowers
[03:24.30]page 29 Look and learn
[03:30.47]an apple apples an orange oranges
[03:41.52]a banana bananas an ice-cream ice-creams
[03:52.46]a pear pears a biscuit biscuits
[04:03.20]Say and act Shopping
[04:07.64]Good morning.Good morning.
[04:12.00]Four apples,please.Here you are.Thank you.
[04:18.77]page 30 Look and learn
[04:26.68]a circle a square
[04:32.56]a triangle a star
[04:38.52]Look and say Shapes
[04:42.57]A biscuit,Kitty?Yes,please.
[04:48.00]What shape is this?It's a triangle.
[04:54.95]What shape is this?It's a circle.
[05:01.79]Learn the sounds
[05:04.85]e bee desk
[05:11.82]page 31 Unit 3 Parks and playgrounds
[05:19.09]Look and learn Colours
[05:23.34]red orange yellow green blue black white
[05:39.98]Look and say
[05:43.14]In the park the sky a cloud
[05:50.80]the sun a kite a tree a balloon
[06:04.17]Sam a boat a flower a ball
[06:31.42]page 32 Look and learn
[06:36.70]a slide a swing
[06:42.86]Point,ask and answer
[06:46.02]In the playground
[06:49.36]What colour is it? It's red.
[06:57.20]Is it the slide? Yes.
[07:02.03]Now listen!
[07:48.98]page 33 Play a colour game.
[07:54.54]It's the kite. What colour is it?
[07:59.82]Is it blue?No,it isn't.Is it green?Yes,it is
[08:07.37]Learn the sounds
[08:10.53]i kite biscuit
[08:16.09]page 34 Say and act I'm new here.
[08:22.86]Excuse me,I'm new here. Is that the office? No,it's the hall.
[08:30.41]Is this the office? Yes,it is
[08:35.16]Thank you.That's OK.