[00:00.00]Unit 9 Revision
[00:04.00]Students' book Page 42
[00:08.15]melon apple orange
[00:15.41]lemon peach pear
[00:14.41]book ruler rubber
[00:20.97]pen pencil paper
[00:27.63]ball balloon doll
[00:34.60]slide swing bicycle
[00:41.37]ear eye nose
[00:48.35]mouth face
[00:52.89]Students' book Page 43
[00:56.73]I can read.I can write.I can sing.
[01:03.57]I can draw.I can dance.I can jump.
[01:10.11]Students' book Page 44
[01:14.05]1 moon
[01:17.89]2 leaf
[01:21.83]3 mother
[01:25.99]4 sister
[01:30.06]5 me
[01:34.43]6 father
[01:38.58]Workbook Page 29
[01:42.13]Listen and draw a line from May to each thing she has got.