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[00:17.48]unit 2 Please visit our school!
[00:19.70]单元二 请访问我们的学校!
[00:21.92]Look and learn
[00:24.97]a choir an information board
[00:27.95]唱诗班 一块信息板
[00:30.93]Look and read
[00:33.99]Next Saturday will be the Open Day of Rose Garden School.
[00:39.44]Open Day is a day when parents visit the school.
[00:44.49]Let's talk about our programme for our Open Day.
[00:51.04]What time will your parents arrive?
[00:56.29]Where will we meet them?
[00:59.92]They'll arrive at two o'clock.
[01:05.07]We'll meet them at the entrance.
[01:09.93]What will your parents do first?
[01:15.10]First,they'll visit the classrooms.
[01:19.96]All right,they'll visit the classrooms at two fifteen.
[01:23.98]对的,他们在二点15 将访问教室。
[01:28.01]What will they do next?
[01:32.26]Next,they'll look at our class projects.
[01:37.31]Where will they look at the projects?
[01:42.48]What time will they do this?
[01:46.92]They'll look at the projects in our classroom at two thirty-five.
[01:53.29]What will your parents do then?
[01:57.73]Then they'll listen to the school choir in the hall.
[02:04.29]The choir will sing at two fifty.
[02:06.77]唱诗班将在二点50 唱歌。
[02:09.25]What will they do after that?
[02:14.22]After that,they'll look at our English Club information board in the library.
[02:22.99]They'll go there at three forty.
[02:25.42]他们将在3 点40 去那里。
[02:27.85]Finally,they'll meet the teachers at four fifteen in the library.
[02:32.08]最后,他们将在图书馆在4 点15 见到那些教师。
[02:36.32]They'll have cakes and tea there.
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