[00:00.00]2 Holidays
[00:20.09]Look and learn
[00:23.25]a holiday brochure
[00:30.82]a hotel
[00:35.55]Look and read
[00:40.20]Where will we go at Chinese New Year?
[00:45.56]What will we see in Guilin?
[00:50.31]How will you get there? We'll go by plane.
[00:56.79]Where will you stay there?
[01:00.55]We'll stay at a hotel.
[01:04.71]How long will you stay there?
[01:08.55]We'll stay for three days.
[01:13.40]Look and readLook,read and answer true/false
[01:20.07]Here is the weather forecast for Chinese New Year.
[01:24.11]Guilin will be cold.Xi'an will be very cold and snowy.
[01:29.47]Hainan Island will be warm and sunny.
[01:33.23]Guangzhou wil be cool and wet.
[01:36.89]Read the rhyme
[01:39.63]We're going to visit Xi'an.It will be colder than Guilin.
[01:45.87]What will we wear When we get there?
[01:50.13]Hats and coats and scarver and gloves
[01:54.89]Then we'll be warm enough.
[01:58.23]We're going to visit Hainan Island.
[02:02.38]It will be warmer than Guangzhou.
[02:06.15]What will we wear When we get there?
[02:10.59]T-shirts and shorts and sands,no socks Then we'll be cool enough.
[02:17.35]Look and read
[02:22.03]1 I've got a hundred yuan.I'll get the tickets.
[02:33.39]You haven't got enough money,Ben.
[02:38.54]2 How much do you need,Ben?
[02:46.71]Twenty yuan.I've only got a hundred yuan.
[02:54.16]3 Here you are.Thanks,Mum.I've got enough money now.
[03:05.70]4 It's very cold!Are you wearing enough clothes?Yes,Dad!
[03:18.87]5 Guilin is beautiful,Mum!Look at those birds.They're fishing!
[03:32.53]Tommy Target
[03:39.19]Where will we go?
[03:42.56]What will we do there?
[03:47.32]What will we see there?
[03:51.16]xi'an will be colder than___
[03:55.52]Hainan Island will be warmer than___
[04:00.38]enough clothes
[04:03.93]enough money