[00:00.00]More oral practice
[00:04.88]1 How do you go to school?
[00:11.83]Is your home near your school?How do you come to school?
[00:19.96]Good morning!
[00:22.88]Morning!Let's walk to school together.
[00:27.25]Do you always go to school on foot?
[00:31.50]No,i usually go to school by bus.How about you?
[00:37.75]I always take the underground,then walk to school.
[00:42.74]What time do you leave your home?
[00:46.86]At a quarter past seven.
[00:50.52]What time do you get to school?
[00:54.36]At eight.I'm never late.Are you?
[01:01.20]No,never.My home is near school,only five minutes by bus.
[01:08.47]2 Moving into a new housing estate
[01:19.52]Draw your flat and talk about it with your partner,
[01:28.76]Hi,Jenny.Why are you here on our estate?
[01:37.72]My family is moving into a new flat here.
[01:42.87]Whick block?Block1,Flat 9B.
[01:48.64]Wow!I live in Flat 9A
[01:53.40]That's great!We can go to school together.
[01:58.36]In our flat there are three bedrooms,
[02:04.24]a bathroom,a sitting-room and a kitchen.How about your flat?
[02:11.50]We have four bedrooms and two bathrooms.
[02:15.94]Our grandma lives with us.Flat A is larger than Flat B.
[02:23.02]Come and see our flat.Sure.
[02:27.17]But let me show you round our estate first.
[02:32.45]We have a playground,a swimming pool and two tennis courts.
[02:38.51]We can play together,too.
[02:42.17]Good!Can I see them now?