At age 59, the lovely Yasmina Rossi is breaking all the rules of the fashion world. Despite her age, she is a highly sought-after model, working for several international brands.

French-born Yasmina had an unusual start to her career – she began modelling in her late twenties, which is when most professional models retire. She got her big break at age 45, when she relocated to New York. That’s when she starred in ad campaigns for Macy’s, AT&T, and Mastercard. Eventually, she landed a job modelling for Marks & Spencers in Europe.
雅斯米娜生于法国,其开启模特生涯的方式亦不同一般——她二十七八岁才步入模特行业,而多数职业模特在这一年龄隐退。45岁的时候,她重回纽约,事业大放异彩。正是此时,她是梅西百货公司、 AT&T美国电话电报公司和万事达卡等公司广告活动的当家花旦。最终,她成功在欧洲揽获玛莎百货模特一职。

Everyone is naturally curious to know the secret behind her everlasting beauty, but Yasmina says there is none. “All I have ever done is eat organic food – long before it became trendy. " She also gets a bit of exercise, a healthy diet, and plenty of rapeseed oil for her hair and skin.

What’s most striking about Yasmina’s photographs is that she appears to proudly flaunt her lines and wrinkles – and they only seem to add to her beauty. That’s almost unheard of in an industry that’s obsessed with perfection. But Yasmina, a grandmother-of-two, says she’s happier with her looks now than she was in her twenties.